My Favorite Museum

NYC - MoMA: Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'...

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My favorite museum, since I was a teenager, was the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. While other kids in High School would cut school if they had free time, and hang out with friends and smoke cigarettes, I would hop on the subway either by myself or with my friend Elizabeth and that’s where we would go. The museum was a wonderful place full of sensory overload, modern art, photography exhibits, even film. “MOMA” as it is called had a sculpture garden where, in the nice weather, you could read outside, eat ice cream and dream if you wanted to, your face being warmed by the sun. I knew a lot of the paintings by heart and where they were placed. It was always comforting to go there. I also used to go with my sister where she would inevitably charm the guard we had known for years and he would let us slip in for free, something I was too shy to do on my own. There are few places that I can go to and feel like I was “home” yet feel excited to reunite with my favorite paintings. In the small gift shop (before it was redone) I nestled with the postcards and books and always bought a few postcards as a reminder of the time I spent there. Even now, if I had a choice, I would head to MOMA, but I would practically have to take out a bank loan since the admission prices now are so high. I still plan to go again, hopefully this year, because in reality, happiness and art and feeling alive, is priceless.

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Museum

  1. I remeber walking into the waterlillies room in the old MOMA — it took my breath away as it was a cloudy/sunny day, and the colo(u)rs kept changing with the light.
    We like pointalist painting; however, folks gave us strange looks while we commented on how much we liked “those dotty paintings.” Discovering that Dali’s clock was a very small painting; eating in the cafeteria — all nice memories of my trip to the MOMA in the 1980s (part of my first ever trip to NYC). You’re right; the cost has gotten out of hand!
    I won’t say what we did when we ditched school, but it wasn’t museums or people watching downtown. 😉


  2. What a nice memory. I was one of those teenages that would ditch school and drive downtown and people watch. We didn’t smoke or drink, we just skipped school. We were dorks, and we always got caufgt!


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