The World Is A Scary Place

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Yesterday, the sun was shining, the color of the sky was that of a red robin’s egg, a perfect speckled blue. The trees nearby danced, gently swaying, together in the light breeze like two limber young dancers. Just a moment or two later, I heard the sound of engines whirling and scraping and banging at the same time. I heard deep, angry rumbling coming from the back yard and my first thought was that there was gunfire and bombs exploding. I couldn’t move to take a very deep breath; for a second or two I couldn’t even exhale. What was I supposed to think? There is way too much angst and terror and suspicion in the world and there is no one, no one that can tell us it will be all better now or that the problem has been fixed and will never come back.

President Obama, Anyone? We need your strength and assurance now. All of us are asking questions but not getting answers.  I realize no one can promise, no one can soothe our fears and it is terrifying but I am searching for some, small, secret. A medicine for our pain. A healer to soothe our fears because I fear that I am not alone in this suffering. We all need hope and a positive role model, right now we need to feel strong and hopeful and confident. How will we ever get THAT back? I can’t watch television anymore because seeing the visions from Japan and hearing the cries remind me of the horrors in the world and I am back again at 9/11 and the airplanes crashing into buildings, people jumping, screaming, crying. Now there is one tragedy after another.

Earthquakes, terrorism, tsunami’s, mud slides, water, abductions, pedophiles, murderers, two ongoing wars, a new attack on Libya, (when was THAT approved?) hurricanes,  nuclear reactors, radiation etc. and that’s not to mention the everyday fears of health and welfare:  sickness, cancer, death, mystery illnesses, chronic pain,  MS, ALS,  Alzeimers, and so many other horrible sicknesses that we have no cure for. I feel like something has shifted in the universe and no one knows what to do or feel. The only thing I can do is try NOT to feel but that is hard and unrealistic. Right now, I feel scared and alone and helpless.

My head pounds like the sound of jack hammers on cement, throbbing with no break. I am slumped over in bed, with chronic pain and an excruciating, dark, headache. I don’t know what to do to make me feel better.  Usually if I stay in bed and am able to hide and sleep I will feel better slowly. Now? I can’t sleep soundly. The world has been sucker punched, and sleeping is no longer, my designated safe place.

I am terrified and I am probably not alone though most people don’t talk about it. It seems like a land mine that could go off anywhere, anytime and in any place. Nobody is safe anymore. We are helpless onlookers as the world changes incredibly fast. Perhaps fear is what we all know we have in common. I just wish it didn’t have to come to this to find our link to one another.

4 thoughts on “The World Is A Scary Place

  1. @ Mo: my “horror” was nuclear attack. I remember air raid siren drills and running home convinced that a Soviet missle was headed straight for our house. I still get nightmares, at times, of nuclear explosions, so what’s going on in Japan right now has me terrified!


  2. I, too am overwhelmed with the feeling of terror all the time. When I worked for the police for some reason I wasn’t as afraid. I knew what was going on in the city I worked for and I guess I felt empowered because I knew who the bad guys were. I don’t know anymore. Now my son who is a firefighter comes home and tells me the things he sees, and that scares me. I don’t think we can escape this fear…every generation has their own “scary monster” to deal with. Those of us that are 50 plus can remember the absolute horror that haunted our dreams…polio. Our scary things are getting scarier and scarier.


  3. I only looked a few images of the tsumani on my laptop (no cable), and listened on the radio. The world is a scary place starting, as Tammy points out, on a personal level and then spilling out to the broader world. With all the immediacy of the news, we can’t catch our breathes between disasters. The monsters have always been out there; just now they can so easily come into our living rooms and computers via the media.
    I will do with Japan what I did with Haiti, give the tiny amount of money that I can afford out of our budget. But, at least right now, we have a roof, food, and warmth — so many in Japan do not.


  4. Again, another amazing blog from my big sis. The world is indeed a scary and threatening place for all of us nowadays. I have basically stopped reading or watching the news. I can’t take it. Too much sadness and pain. I can’t deal with my own little problems, much less the rest of the worlds. I wish I could help everyone, instead I feel I can help no one.


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