How to Spend $1000 in an Hour

Passion flower

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

I’m Running Into A Florist…….and GO!!!

Remember when Oprah went around to her studio audience and said “a car for you” ” a car for you” ” a car for youuu.!” I would do the same thing in a second after I entered a beautiful florist shop. I admit I would keep a bunch for myself ( if that was allowed) but imagine giving so many random strangers delight when you would hand lovely flowers to them. I love fresh flowers and I wish I had the money to have flowers in my house all the time. They make me happy with their beautiful colors and scents. So my gift to “you” would be a gift from the heart: delicate yet vibrant flowers in all different colors: red, white, yellow, blue and apricot, plums and pinks. Enjoy them.

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2 thoughts on “How to Spend $1000 in an Hour

  1. Oh…I love flowers too! They just transform any room into a beautiful place to be. I was just in a florist today and it was a joy to see all the arrangements. Can’t wait until I can start planting outside!


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