Bad Habits that Need to Go

there's no need to worry this is just a vacation

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A Buddha, I’m Not


I worry sometimes like a mother-trucker and it is not good for me (or anyone else). Of course I have tried to stop doing this but I was born worrying, straight out of the womb, six weeks premature (immature too?) and into the incubator for another six weeks. I am convinced that the separation from my mom is a cause. Perhaps I never felt soothed or comforted in the hospital, that’s just my own philosophy. The effect? I was also an anxious child who had to have my “questions” answered by my father every single night. Anticipatory anxiety, intense worrying, convinced something bad is going to happen before I have actual facts. I’ve tried the occasional anti-anxiety drug (which can take a slight edge off) but mostly, I try to breathe, sing, distract and write. Will I ever stop worrying? Doubt it.

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7 thoughts on “Bad Habits that Need to Go

  1. Never actually thought much about the bonding stuff. Mom said she was in labo(u)r for a day, and then at noon on a Wednesday, I came out screaming. Dad was in Germany, so I didn’t meet him til I was around 3 or 4 months old when we flew over there.


  2. PS: It wasn’t necessarily the incubator: I was a long time coming out, there was no incubator, and I worry ALOT! Mom didn’t worry til after the stroke/dementia, so it’s not in my family like Tammy. Guess it’s the Wednesday’s child thing. What day of the week were you born on?


    • I KNOW it wasn’t necessarily the incubator but it could be one factor. there’s a lot of research on babies not being able to bond with their moms/ have issues being away from them. Just a thought, not BLAMIN’ ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Big sis..I’m a big ole worry wort too….my mom is, my grandma is…both my kids are…we’ve passed it down unfortunately. I can’t stop the worry…but xanax and some sweet wine helps occassionally…hahah…xoxo


    • hi Jenny,
      half your message was cut off.( The last half) any helpful hints are appreciated.
      btw, @ jody called me a bitch for being a little funny/snarky with you. You KNOW i wasn’t being nasty. I know you know I also didn’t mean offense. people should just have a sense of humor, a bottle of Xanax and a sip of Amaretto. jeez.


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