My Teenagers Are Meanies

The Meaning to Life

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Oh sure, we are always supposed to give our thanks for what we have and do gratitude journals and write down five things every day we enjoy. No. I won’t do it today. I’m mad and cranky and I’ve had my fill of just about everybody except my dog (and my husband). My two teenagers, (that speaks volumes in itself) 16 1/2 and 18, have been making fun of me and teasing me non-stop. At least that’s what it feels like. We were sitting around the kitchen table and my daughter told my son something”stupid” I said and my son joined in with another mistake I made and proceeded to “text” dad with something I got mixed up with, Texas, Tennessee, whatever.  What I felt like doing was having a nutty, exploding and screaming things like “Shut up, you ungrateful brats I’ve had enough” but I didn’t; I regret that now.

I feel like “Mommy Rae” and want to stand up on the kitchen table with a sign that says there should be “A Union For All Moms.” I did tell my children that they were taking advantage of me and I was sick and tired of it. I was ready to cry, explode or yell (which would not have been a bad thing) but instead I left the kitchen table abruptly so they could probably make fun of my lack of sense of humor or whatever else they were dissing me for. (note to people who don’t have teens: to diss: to make fun of or put down.) I escaped, stomped up the stairs and stayed in my bedroom and watched a DVR’d version of one of my favorite shows, Top Chef. I did not go down to “make dinner”early because I had my limit of “what do you want, and what do YOU want” since my daughter is a vegetarian and my son thinks good food consists of ring jells and mixed fruit cocktail in jello. I kid you not.

I napped my intense anger away and when my husband came home and I thought that he was the only one on my side and that’s what it felt like. When he gave me a big hug, I didn’t want him to go. To Buffalo. (no offense to those who live in Buffalo) On Sunday. For six weeks. I thought to myself “how am I going to live with these two monster teenagers alone?”  I still don’t have the answer but I am going to lay down the law and tell them to step up and help out. The fact that I have a chronic pain disease does really not seem to affect them, hey, they are feeling good, isn’t everybody? NO, chronic pain means pain ALL THE TIME, I have the amount of energy as a dead tick does. I’m tired, I feel like crap. LISTEN TO ME!

I refuse to pick my daughter up late at night for the next six weeks because I fade at 3pm not to mention 12 midnight. She will have to make plans, get it together. Help out. Think of me. (I scoff). Teenagers, by design, do not think of anyone but themselves. My son will have to man up and help out with things too, he can pick up his sister late at night and take part in whatever is needed for the family. The what? The family, you know, the one that is supposed to be a joint unit, each of us helping each other. (I scoff again).

I’m doing the best I can, that’s what parents do. They try and try and hope that they make the right decision because they only want the best for their children. Do children appreciate that? A resounding NO. I have said the old stand-by to them: “I can’t wait till YOU have teenagers.” Does it make a difference to them? Of course not!!! It just makes me feel a tiny bit better and that is better than nothing.

14 thoughts on “My Teenagers Are Meanies

  1. @chattyc: it was fun to read this again, a few years later. but not a whole lot has changed except they are both in college!! YAY. when they are home they generally regress but my son acts like an adult and is helpful. as for my daughter…we’re still working on that!!! I make meals that my husband and son like and my daughter is always given an option of pasta, salad. anything else she can make herself. she still likes mac and cheese from the box! xoxo


    • Hey Laurie, it brought back warm memories did it, lol!! I have 2 older boys, 1st marriage, now 29 and 30 and they were much easier than my lovely daughter, whom I do adore, moods and all!!! She is a good kid but….you know the deal! Thanks for your input!! Much appreciated!!! Cathy hugs 😃


  2. I know this is an older blog but the title was up and jumping out at me when I was commenting on your most recent blog. I HAD to click it on because my 13 almost 14 year old daughter has turned into a scowling, it’s all about me and I know nothing daughter!! I keep asking what happened to my sweet little girl who adored her mommy?? And being a chronic pain person doesn’t help because I think they get numb to it too!! Oh boy, does it hurt, especially on a bad day when I am extra sensitive!! My boys are grown now and would do anything for me but they don’t live at home anymore :(. It seems like a constant battle and like your friend, I let some of those sarcastic comments just go! So I am in teenage hell and suspect I will blog about it and maybe find some sympathizer’s, lol!!

    Hugs, Chaty x


  3. Here from The Bloggess, just having seen you said you’d post a photo of me as your Wil Wheaton. I selected one of me and my daughter to share with you in the hopes that during your time alone with those nasty teenagers that thoughts of when they were small and cute and sweet may sustain you. Good luck!


    • Now, I love you more than Will Wheaton because you are a woman of honor and really, all we know of Will is that he collates paper. I must write to my friend (our friend Jenny) and tell her this if it is ok with you. And yes, if I can manage to put your photo of the adorable you and you jr. I will do it. (I may have to beg my son since I am horrible at these technical things.) Yours, in everlasting honor, Laurie, aka hibernationnow.


  4. Before I add my comments I must say…Goose liver Ice cream????? Gag.

    You might be surprised how the teens step up to the plate when their Dad is gone to Buffalo. He needs to have a short heart-to-heart talk with both of them and set the rules straight. My boys were 13 and 15 when I first got sick, and they learned slowly but surely what needed to be done to get through a day without depending on Mom to do it all. I predict that with the right words from their Dad, you will be taken care of with kid gloves. The house might not be clean enough and they might eat too much junk food, but they will come out at the end appreciating you more. Fingers crossed!



    • goose liver ice cream is definitely gaggable!!!! i agree. i’m hooked on that show, do u watch it. we could watch it together online! a new round starting up next week. good idea for dan to talk to them, he always does. but…they are teenagers, self involved!

      Love, Laurie


  5. Oh Laurie…I feel for ya. Teens do not get other peoples pains or troubles. They just don’t. They are wired to think only of themselves and their issues…their lives are all that matter, if It don’t affect them, then it’s not a problem…lol. Sad but true. Some worse than others. I believe perhaps with us chronics they hear the complaints so often they become numb to them…but that’s just my thought…I know my teen gets sick of hearing about me being sick and needing her extra help all the time..but that’s tuff. Life sucks, put on your big girl panties and deal with it little girl, is what I say to her. But they are big enough to help out. They can run errands, clean and cook and wait on mom in bed if need be, and take care of the dogs/cats/fish etc. We sure as hell have taken care of their every needs since pushing them out of our bods…so they can help us when we need them. As for their joking or making fun of us…I blow that off 9 times out of 10…lol. My dtr has been caring for me this week, over this tooth ordeal plus my belly problem…she thinks she’s my slave…hahah. Oh well…we will make it thru even this part of our lives…the raising of teens…lol. Luv ya sis. xoxo


  6. If it makes you feel any better I was up watching the finale of Top Chef last night too. Needless to say, I am happy with the pick. Goose liver ice cream–genius. Hmmm, I suddenly feel hungry.

    Hang in there, Norma.


  7. And, when they have teenagers, they will be calling you, saying “Daughter X said . . . . or Son Y is . . . . HELP!!!” Then you will have your revenge as you laugh manicially and hang up.
    Hang in there. Mark an x through each day on the calendar. Vent. Blog. Law down the law. Good luck. When in doubt, eat cheesecake!


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