My Spring To-Do List

Blooming Forsythia

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There are beautiful yellow forsythia blooming, an occasional purple crocus, the beginning of grass seeds growing. There are rain showers all the time, gray skies, rain pelting down from the sky like rock stars playing and dancing along with their jumping guitars.

I always have the same thing on my spring to-do list: cleaning, getting rid of the old, broken stuff, the clutter, the sentimental memorabilia that should not be sentimental anymore. Keep the memories, but get rid of junk, plastic gadgets, piles of magazine articles, painful shoes. Old toys and old clothing from my teenagers should be given away in black trash bags to be picked up by Big Brother, Big Sister. I need to declutter my brain, rid myself of the layers of thick, molten dust both on the furniture and in my cloudy head. I need to get rid of so many things so I will be able to move ahead, in my mind and in my life. My children are not little anymore, they need me much less, soon they will be off to college. I don’t want to be here surrounded only by old memories, I need to make new memories, not cling to the past. I need to emotionally accept the difference and move on.

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2 thoughts on “My Spring To-Do List

  1. I have one coming home from college next month, I am already dreading the piles and trails of crap he will bring home. I close the bedroom door on both my kid’s bedrooms and pretend the rooms don’t exist. I started decluttering my closet over a month ago, I got my side done, but the Joe-Man hasn’t touched his side. Why doesn’t anyone else in the house get tired of looking at junk and tripping over large shoes? Good luck with your projects!


  2. I love forsythia (which I constantly referr to as wysteria!). Good luck ridding your house and mind of dust! Maybe some mental dental floss will get into those cracks and crevices. 🙂
    All joking aside, I like the idea of decluttering and dusting your brain/memories like you would do to a house in the spring. I wish you luck with both projects!


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