How (NOT?) to Remember Names


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Names? NO. Faces? ALWAYS.

No tricks, no memory, just really good and prompt improvisation. I have met many people and I used to have a very good memory and would remember someones name immediately and forever. Not Any More. Whether it is age, Fibromyalgia fog, hormones or any combination, it is really hard for me to remember someone’s name (unless they have made a really, special impression on me.)

When my son was little and I got introduced to a team of little guys “Hey, Buddy” worked well. “Sometimes “Hon or Sweetie” came in handy for my daughter’s little girlfriends. But now? I can meet you, shake your hand AND repeat your name out loud and there’s a good chance that in two seconds I will have forgotten it.

The only thing that makes me feel better is that I will always remember your face. Always. Even if I have not seen you in 35 years. My husband still cannot believe that we went to a bakery when we lived in Massachusetts, walked in and I said “Nora?” The woman turned around, she seemed a little flustered, but sure enough she had been my teenage friend in seventh grade back in New York. It had been about 35 years since I had last seen her; at a sleepover birthday party in her parents’ apartment.

So, before you get insulted that I do not remember your name, rest assured when I see you 20 years in the future, in a different state or country, I will know that I know you, by your unique, impressionable, face.

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6 thoughts on “How (NOT?) to Remember Names

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  2. I, too, remember faces, but seem to have lost the context. I was in a store this week, and a very familar looking woman asked me if I remembered her. I’m running all the possibilities through my poor, over worked brain, and I decided she must be a nurse from Mom’s stay at the hospital.
    Not even close: she works in a lovely shoe store that I like to go and puruse. We’ve had many chats over the last few years. I hadn’t seen her since mom died, so I had to explain that all out to her. I’m going to drop by the shop — she asked to me to come say hello — and I think I’ll ask her if she’d like to go down the street to the chocolate cheesecake establishment for a coffee some time. A very bold move for me as you will certainly understand!


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