The Cops Caught Me

Sunset Police Car

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Oh THAT SIlly Thing……..

It was an honest mistake. No really, I swear. I was in the center of town in MA. running to the post office to pick up a mountain of resumes for a freelance assignment I had accepted. The whole project had problems and I knew from my one meeting with the head of the company, this project didn’t sound necessary. I told them what I thought and still they insisted. I knew deep inside that they did not need anyone else and I told them that an in-house person would do, but they wouldn’t listen. I worked hard, really hard but one morning, parked outside of the post office I realized that I inadvertently left my keys in the car only to discover it was locked. Locked solid.

A police officer was near-by and I told them what I had done. I was incredibly mad at myself and felt like an utter fool. My husband and I had two very young children at the time so I did not want to bother him if I didn’t have to. The police officer was nice enough to offer me a ride home in the police car to pick up the second set of keys. I called my husband immediately and told him to bring our son, age 3, outside. He was a huge fan of police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances and I wanted him to see the police car. I felt pretty stupid locking myself out of the car and I don’t really know what the neighbors thought but to my son, I was a rock star and there was NO feeling better than that.

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3 thoughts on “The Cops Caught Me

  1. At one point in my life, I rented a funky little apartment and acquired a kitten. There was an old fashioned door lock for the bathroom, and if not careful, it could accidently lock it even from the outside, and then spend hours trying to reopen it.
    One Sunday afternoon, I’m repotting a plant with all the requiste tools: newspaper spread on the kitchen floor, small shovel, larger pot, etc. The kitten, Tristan, thought that playing with the potting soil was great fun. So, I put the kitten into the bathroom and closed the door. Then I heard the click — being an old house, the bathroom door could be locked from the OUTSIDE.
    Not good for the kitten or for me. What I needed was a ladder so that I could get in through the open window.
    I called the local fire station (hey, didn’t they use to get cats out of trees?!) to see if they had a short ladder (I didn’t live in a high rise, or anything) I might arrange to borrow or if they had any suggestions on how to pick the lock. I made it very clear in my call that it was a kitten, not a toddler, locked in the bathroom.
    The person I spoke with said they would call me back.
    Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out if any of my friends might have a ladder. (Asking the landlord would not be a good idea — long story).
    In the distance, I could hear sirens, and they were getting closer. A large, and I do mean large, ladder truck pulls up in front of the house, and several firemen in full regalia jump out. Of course, I’m mortified! I had told the fellow at the firehouse that it wasn’t an emergency.
    Several very large men fill the very small hallway that connected the 2 halves of my apartment where the bathroom situated. With some jiggling, they “pop” the lock (no need for a ladder afterall), and out walks the kitten.
    I thank them and apololgize profusely. Carrying Tristan, I walk them back to the fire truck, then explained to one of my neighbo(u)rs it was all about the cat.
    I just HAVE to tell someone the story, so I call a co-worker who happened to live in the same neighbo(u)rhood close to the fire station. “That explains it”, she said. “The fire truck just went by, and all of the firemen were laughing!”
    Must have been a dull afternoon at the fire house.


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