Recent Adventures in Splurging

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Sale: Today, Tomorrow, And Every Day Thereafter

I’m not a big shopper, never was. I’ve always hated trying on clothes even when I was a child. Nothing has changed. It was pure and true love that made me take my daughter to any mall when she was younger because she is a fabulous shopper and adores being in malls. Luckily, she can drive now. The last time I shopped, other than groceries (which I actually love shopping for) I was at Kohl’s. I bought a cheap pair of sneakers, two cards and a dark blue tank top for my daughter. I went because they were having a sale (wait a day, they will have another one) and I had two coupons, ten dollars off each. Was it fun? Not really? Did I have to stand in line? Groan, yes. Did I make it out of there in less than an hour? Sure thing. Will I do it again soon? Probably not. I’m sorry, I’ve never liked shopping (except for books and food) I don’t think I am ever going to start loving it anytime soon.

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3 thoughts on “Recent Adventures in Splurging

  1. Depends on whether or not I HAVE to shop for clothes. I love finding a great bargain — an item of clothing marked way down — and am pleased with my find.
    I also like thrift and consignment shops for the same reason. Finding that designer piece (often never worn) and getting it for next to nothing.
    HAVING to shop for clothes (nothing fits, everything is super old, need new underwear) is another matter. That is a drag! That’s why I always hope that I find the treasured bargain before I have to shop the mall sales.
    I love shopping for groceries, too. I can spend A LOT of time in a grocery store, looking at different products, reading the ingredients, etc.
    There are online shopping sites that have you create a “version” of yourself to see how the clothes would look on you. Can’t remember the url off the top, unfortuneately. 😉


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