How I Stay Healthy??????

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Give Us A Break……

There’s a fundamental mistake here: you are assuming I am healthy and I’m not. Along with thousands upon thousands of other patients I have a chronic pain disease and an auto-immune disease (not to mention others: IBS, narrow angled glaucoma, interstitial cystitis, painful and swollen joints, flare ups and….oh, is that too much? Because I could continue and I could also go blind instantly but that’s another post altogether.

First off, I am really not complaining just commenting and venting. “It is what it is” and it could be a lot worse: pain is not life threatening so I am grateful for that. TRULY. However, Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders ARE extremely painful (and no it is NOT in our minds.) That is totally insulting. Also, there is little to relieve the pain, at best, and certainly no cure. Live with it? Not comforting. If this affected more men than women you bet there would be more research and no tiptoeing around about pain medication. The latest information frenzy that has all chronic pain patients up in arms (and my mother who saw a show on TV!) is that doctors and the media now are becoming increasingly hysterical about dispensing pain medication to THOSE OF US WHO ARE IN PAIN.

To me, it’s idiotic. I have a Doctor who writes prescriptions for Vicodin like they are gummy bears, lots of gummy bears, but when I tell him I have taken one and it doesn’t seem to help the pain, he insists it’s the only pain reliever he can dispense. Does that make any sense to you? Because, Vicodin itself is highly addictive and he writes prescriptions for them all the time YET he won’t write a prescription for half the amount for something different, like, I don’t know, Tylenol with Codeine? What am I missing here? A different class of pain killers? I am not swallowing pain killers for a high, I have tried Vicodin (one pill) on two separate occasions when I was in dire pain. It. Did. Not. Work.

I’m beginning to feel like the chronic pain community should an old-fashioned revolution. All the patients talk about it but I don’t think all of us have spoken directly to the doctors about it. I have but it does no good. Do you know why other patients are reluctant to be honest and I don’t blame them? Because we have to deal with the raised eyebrow, and the ‘are you a junkie quizzical smirk.’ I want to find a Doctor that HAS Fibromyalgia and see what they say!!

Do you think if we have addictive personalities we will misuse codeine and not Vicodin? I KNOW I don’t have an addictive personality, believe me I would have had plenty of opportunities to have one but it’s just not something I would do, want to do or will ever do. Shouldn’t doctors be able to differentiate patients from junkies?

Think about the Hippocratic (Hypocritical?) Oath that says: “First, Do No Harm.” You are causing harm refusing to treat illnesses that are incredibly painful. How about a different warning label? USE ONLY WHEN IN DIRE PAIN. That works! I don’t know anyone personally who would abuse it but I am sure there is a percentage of people who would abuse anything. Don’t punish us, for them. I certainly wouldn’t want to take anything every day if I didn’t need it. My doctor had me on two different medications to prevent pain that didn’t work and I ASKED if I could stop them, he hesitated and I then convinced him and stopped. I WANTED to use as little medication as possible. Frustrating.

In terms of exercise I walk slowly to try to get exercise and if I had the extra thousands of dollars I would probably buy a membership for a gym that has an indoor pool so I could swim but that’s money a lot of us don’t have lying around. My special diet? I usually eat healthy meals, chicken,veggies, salad, pasta, red meat a couple of times every month or two. However, my special chronic pain diet, for comfort since there is no pain relief usually involves Cadbury Creme Eggs, Yodels and Egg Salad Sandwiches. Sometimes comfort, even though it is not a pain reliever, might just make you feel a little bit better emotionally since no one is trying to help us physically.

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7 thoughts on “How I Stay Healthy??????

  1. Well Im def not feelin…just sayin that its ridiculous to take so many narcotics to even b able to get out of the bed and force yourself thru the day…yet using comfort foods for enjoyment in life…lol. My biggest pet peeve is people who tell me I can’t be sick cuz I look so good…yet they don’t see me at nite in bed in the fetal position begging God to take me. I def hav more bad days than good. But as long as I hav e en one day a week where I can get out of bed and socialize with my family…like today…I will continue popping these pills and just suck it up on the bad days like I always have and march on thru life. Im not really happy or sad…Im in limbo land in a fibro and drug induced fog…but makin the best of it. Just started new GI doc..havn tests done..hope he can figure something out…but he was pretty negative about me getting much improvement….but that in the future perhaps an intestinal replacement of small intestine may do the trick…not sure how I feel about that. Anyway..Sorry Im blatthering on. I just finished a big wkend with dtrs bday and easter..evryone just left and Im in tears cuz Im in so much pain and the house is a mess and I ate more than I should have and feel miserable. So Im in bed to suffer the next few days…perhaps with a cadberry or 2 to help me out. No spinach. Hope your Easter was wonderful! Xoxoxoxo


  2. Sooo true Laurie! The medical profession as a whole do not undertand chronic pain. They are so regulated on how to dispense pain medications, and they have yet to really come up with a med that REALLY relieves pain. I go to a special “pain” clinic, where I get 2 different narcs, Neurontin, and a muscle relaxer, and a sleeping pill! WTH? Sounds horrible when I write it down or say it out loud…thats alot of dangerous meds…same “cocktail” you hear about these stars OD”ing on. I do not abuse my meds at all. I take them exactly as prescribed. I thank God for them, because before they came up with this formula of meds, I could barely get out of bed to function. Now I can….sometimes….but that’s better than never.

    I am sick of just living with the pain…sick of popping pills….sick of being sick. I have so many diagnosis that I think the docs dont know what to do with or for me….Im a mes….guess I always will be.

    I’m also all for self comfort…thru junk foods …comfort foods….candy, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese….cake….donuts….lol. So I will be a 500 lb junkie I guess…hahahahah! That’s awful…

    Great post Big Sis!


    • i’m thrilled that you feel better and am so glad that you finally are on the right meds. FINALLY. eat away, feel good. turn over in bed every once in a while, that seems like exercise to me!!!!!!! glad to hear you sound happy. truly.

      Love, Laurie


  3. @Jane and Laurie: Glad you folks have met each other! I was just “talking” with someone I met through someone’s blog, how serendipitious these kinds of meetings are.

    Having gone for years without prescription pain medication while needing prescription-strength medication, I still shake my head at those who say it’s too easy to get prescription drugs! Even my pharmacy scrutinizes EVERY script I bring in — even after having had the same script filled for YEARS from the SAME DOCTOR — and refusing to fill it one time because they wanted the doctor to indicate IR (immediate release) or ER (extended release) even though in that dosage, it only came in IR!
    And, if the pharmacy wouldn’t fill these “faux” scripts, then the drugs wouldn’t end up on the street for sale. But, no one is running a campaign to hold pharmacies/pharmacists responsible. Instead, people with legitimate pain find it increasingly difficult to get the kind of medication they need.
    And, if you have the same health insurance provider I do, the insurance determines your course of treatment, not the doctor. When the FDA turned one of my previously ok drugs into a “controlled substance,” it was the pharmacy who refused to fill the prescription, based on what they were told by the health insurance company.
    I think I heard that 80% of all faux scripts are either written in or filled in (or both) in Florida. So, there is a problem in Florida (retired people who lost their pensions selling their scripts/drugs to survive?), but pain patients shouldn’t be made to pay for lack of prosecutions in one state.


  4. And I failed to mention that I love the few posts of yours that I have read tonight. I agree that it is time for pain patients to rise up in revolution, especially now – pain patients have been stigmatized and treated like criminals for much too long.

    I hope you find something that will help with your pain. I wish the rest of the world could feel, only for a little while, what it’s like to live with constant pain. If only Advil could help fibro. Sometimes it helps with sciatica or more “nervy” type pain, but it’s never done a thing for the muscle pain.


  5. I have only just discovered your blog through a friend we have in common, the wonderful Phylor. I’d like your permission to add your blog to my blogroll. I have fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue, and my husband has failed back syndrome from a workplace injury 10 years ago.
    I’m looking forward to going through your blog & getting to know you!


    • I would be honored and I will check yours out as well. Phylor has been an incredible friend so any friend of hers is immediately mine!!!! Thanks for writing, it made my day (oh wait, it’s 4am and I can’t go back to sleep AGAIN) and my night! I write a lot about Fibro but also funny things, food, tv, etc. ENJOY. glad to meet you. Laurie


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