please, let me fall back asleep


i fall asleep so easily it’s like i have an instant iv drip attached to my hand, it’s a relief for my aching bones and over-active mind. i snuggle into my favorite position, two pillows beneath my head; my brown hair pulled back in a ponytail with a thin black elastic band. i’m wearing only a soft, red, popeye cotton tee shirt. i dream about swimming and floats and old friends and the artist known as prince and friendly unknown neighbors wearing j.crew sweater sets. in my dreams my son is three again, i don’t need freud to figure that one out. he’s college bound and i am feeling nostalgic, oprah is leaving me too.

i wake up automatically at 4am and at the same time every night for the last few weeks. i desperately want to go back to sleep and i try but it’s of no use. i play every game, try every trick and nothing works. i give up and drag my computer to the tiny extra bedroom/office to see if there is someone awake on the other end of the screen. usually no one is. i know it takes time for me to fall asleep, usually between two and two and a half hours and there is not much i can do about it. i have been through this pattern before, i just want it to stop.

i’m so tired but my head and body are still awake and they won’t give up the fight no matter how hard i try. i try not to try and that doesn’t work either. i notice things in the room that i haven’t noticed before, forgotten dusty books, a paperweight with dainty blue flowers. my dog has followed me in the room, she is so used to coming downstairs with me at around ten for a snack that she is confused.  i sit cross-legged on the bed, surrounded by clean laundry, my eyes wandering to my angel statue, my daughter’s first ballerina shoe that i framed, boxes of writing since high school, a mini twa jet i keep in honor of my father. my whole life is in this room and around it.

i want to be back lying in bed beneath my royal blue quilt, and a an old comforter in a cherry covered duvet. i love any pattern of cherries, they make me happy. i want to sleep but i know i can’t, my head is like a ticking clock. my teeth and jaw ache, it’s probably tmj, i think clinically. i remember i never called my friend back yesterday and i don’t like being rude but it will have to wait until tomorrow. sorry, but of all people i know she will understand. she suffers from fibromyalgia and chronic pain issues too. apparently sleep problems are common among us in the tribe.

finally at around 6:30 i start yawning and crawl back in bed keeping my eyes averted from the clock on my bedside table. i have stayed up long enough that i think it will be ok, my eyes close, again. all the colors become white, the fresh air coming from the window is softly soothing. i beg the birds not to come out and sing for just a little while.

5 thoughts on “please, let me fall back asleep

  1. Hi Laura,

    I loved your descriptions, especially “dreaming about floats.” Now, I want one. Preferably, a Root Beer Float. My dogs wake me up for their nightly pee break. Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to fall back to sleep too. Someone recommended I take melatonin. I may check that out. Thanks for your comments on The Bloggess’ website!


    • I wake myself up for my nightly pee break! my dog is fine. my name is Laurie, btw, have never been a Laura. My daughter takes melatonin, check it out with a natural pharmacy. glad we got to know each other’s blogs!


  2. That’s awful laurie. I never can fall asleep….even with a lethal cocktail…usually passout@ 3 or 4am…then up. @ 8am..back to sleep maybe. @ 9…its ridiculous. I never feel rested…ever. I sure hope this gets better for you very soon. I hate to think of ya sittin up in the middle of the nite….sux. Even when I can’t sleep I don’t get online..cuz Im afraid it will make me more awake….can’t win. Its cute u have a popeye shirt! I have tweetybird! Lol…Well I will be prayin for both of us to get sleep soon! Hope when you can’t sleep you DO find sum 1 up online to chat with! I need to buy stock in chamomille teas…lol. Hang in there Sis! Xxooxxoo


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