Which Would I Give Up? Easter or Halloween Candy?

marshmallow-y rainbow-y, uh, goodness

Image by McBeth via Flickr

Be serious. There is no way I would give up either one, ever. How could one give up Halloween candy, with those miniature size chocolates that we know DON’T count for calories or carbs. They are fun-sized. The choice too, is endless: Whoppers, and 3 Musketeers and candy corn, and Hershey’s nuggets, not to mention Kit Kat bar, Almond Joy, Mounds or Twizzlers. No, these are not going anywhere. Easter candy? You don’t seem to understand that I wait for those Cadbury creme eggs all year-long. I wouldn’t be happy without those yellow peeps either. While I know now that they sell peeps all year round for every different occasion in every color…that doesn’t make me any happier. It’s the thrill of getting them once a year, the fight to find them that made them so very special. Every year, and I admit, I am 54, my mom still gives me 2 Cadbury creme eggs and a box of peeps. I buy them for my own two children. I have introduced people to peeps who (gasp) didn’t know what they were, I have written about Peeps and Cadbury creme eggs. I’m sorry, I can’t play this Plinky game, Easter and Halloween candy are here to stay. If you’re talking giving up spinach or cauliflower, that game I could play. Spinach, out.

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7 thoughts on “Which Would I Give Up? Easter or Halloween Candy?

  1. Gary is one of my people. He’s CraZy beautiful. I’m going to miss his huge, psychotic smile jammed packed with capped teeth–the real ones were lost in the accident along with his part of his brain. He’s the real Humpty Dumpty.;)


  2. I made spinach quiche for brunch today…no one would eat it. Do you have a recipe for Cadburry egg quiche? I guess I could just substitute the candy eggs for the real one huh? I think it might work.

    I love peeps…they are like crack.

    Happy Easter.



  3. YOu’re sooo funny Laurie! I love my candies too…so I’m with you on this election! Those cadbury eggs are like crack! lol…..not that I would know of course, but meaning once I have had one, I need it over and over and over! lol….and yep…spinach can leave the planet. 😉


  4. Glad you took a strong stand on this issue! It’s election time in Canada, and it would be good if politicans debated the real issues, like broccoli versus carrots! 😉


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