Oprah, Please Reconsider, It’s Not TOO Late

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Dear Oprah,

NOOOOO, DON’T GO!!! The countdown of shows is really affecting me. I’m an ultimate, ultimate viewer and I’m not asking for a ticket or a vacation to Australia or a car or even the 3-pack of beauty products you had on today’s show. Just one thing, don’t go. PLEASE don’t go. Change your mind. ( It is NOT a sign of weakness but of strength.) I’ve gone through every part of my life with you, you were the only one who had the grace of mind and spirit to say “Stay at home Moms have the toughest jobs.” Thank you for that. When people looked at us stay at home moms with real attitude, I didn’t argue, I knew what the right thing was for me and my family, and yes, you admired it. It made me feel validated, it made me feel like a beautiful queen. I have two amazing children that I love and that I like, they are my gifts to the world. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the world will be a better place because of them.

I was your viewing audience every day from home. I was happy to just watch your “Favorite Things” shows because I loved watching the audience members get so happy. I can’t imagine how you felt, that times a billion, I’m sure. I know you are not disappearing and I have watched OWN but it’s not the same. I taped your show every day for years and when the kids were young and finally in bed I would watch your show, relax, learn, be entertained and I would feel better.

So, my teacher and friend from afar, I am trying to say good-bye graciously because you always want what your friends truly want. But, I confess, there’s a 5 year old inside of me that has thrown herself on the floor, kicking and screaming with disappointment and sadness and stubborness.

I can’t wait to see the final show and at the same time I really don’t want to. I’m obsessing that if I am away for a few days my DVR won’t record and there are only so many times I can check.  I will cry, probably hysterically, but I am not ashamed of that. There really is no such thing as the “ugly cry.”  But, you know that. The last few weeks I have cried spontaneously as my son decided on the college of his choice and while I know he will be so happy, it will never be the same after this. Change. I’m not good with it, I admit it. I know I have no choice to accept change; I’ve learned that I need 24-48 hours to adjust, but it’s just not working with your show ending. I’m having a hard time accepting it (can you tell?)

Oprah, I was always the one in the viewing audience that was totally confused when you said “Do what you love to do.” I spent years figuring that out, until I went back in time and remembered my love for writing in High School. That was a really long time ago and I had NOT written much since 1978. I took a chance and started a blog and I was so afraid. I did it though, slowly and while it isn’t bringing in the money (yet?) I am doing something I love. Because of you. You were a comfort to my heart, you were the teacher of my soul.

Goodbye Oprah. G-d bless you for all the things you have given us.  I don’t need to wait till the last show, I’m doing the “ugly cry” now, and that’s okay.

I will miss you dearly.


Your biggest fan



3 thoughts on “Oprah, Please Reconsider, It’s Not TOO Late

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  2. This is so sweet Laurie. I too am sad I won’t see her show anymore. I wish she wasn’t going. She has taught many people many different things. She brought things out in the open that no one else had the courage to. She made women feel good, period.

    I will also cry. I am just geek enough that I bawled tonight because it was Steve Carells last episode of The Office, my favorite show. It won’t be the same without him, in fact, I’m afraid it won’t last past another season…it’s the one show I looked forward to each and every week and never missed.

    Why do things have to change? Why do kids grow up and leave? It all seems so sad and empty. Yet I’m trying to roll with the punches, as I mostly have throughout my life. Trying to make the best of every situation I find myself in. Sometimes I can even fake being positive for a short time…even good enough that it turns real on occassion…lol.

    Times change. People change. Tv shows change. People grow apart. Kids leave for college. People pass away. Life is a huge fun house, and you never know whats around the corner I guess.

    I had an awful day today, ended by first crying over Steve, then a bit later turned into a “full ugly” cry while leaning over my kitchen counter over a silly thing that just pushed me over the edge. I’m so tired of illness and pills, tired of drudging thru each day pretending to be a person, while not feeling like a real one at all. Feeling like some alien who is inside a human body as some cruel joke or experiment.

    But then again, I will have a moment of pure happiness, like after my cry when I sat on my bed and all three of my dogs were climbing over me, fighting for my attention…lol, they made me laugh…and I remember again what it feels like to feel joy and I know that I have several of these instances each day…I just let the bad crap cloud it too much.

    I’m making a concerted effort to do like you suggested and learned from your father…gonna try to keep it in neutral. I can’t force happiness and I can’t escape sadness…but I can keep it in between the lines.

    So Big Sis….while we will have to say goodbye to our beloved Oprah…we will always have what we learned from her over the years and hopefully still watch OWN and read O. I do know that you have that little bit of Oprah in you, the generosity and caring…the whole “Big Sis” vibe…so that is another gift she gave to the world…you. xxoo

    Have a great upcoming weekend Laurie Lou! xoxoxo



  3. Laurie, I feel the same as you do. Living in Chicago I really claim Oprah as my own, but I know she belongs to everyone.

    I watched her before she was “Oprah”, when she was on a morning TV show named “AM Chicago”. For the first several years of “The Oprah Show” it was fairly easy to get tickets for her show. The mention of an interesting upcoming show would have me running to the phone (Yes running, this was before cordless phones and chronic illness) to call for tickets for me and my Mom and Sister. I really don’t remember how many times I was in her audience in the early years.

    I wake up to her show at 9:00 am, and go to sleep to her show also that is aired in Chicago again at 11:00 pm.

    I will miss her show. I will miss Oprah.

    Thanks for reminding all of us what a great person she is.



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