I’m Participating in NaBloPoMo. May 1, 2011, “Maybe”

The Sandwich Generation

Image by MediaStorm via Flickr

It’s my mother’s birthday we are all celebrating with her. I also have to go with my son  a senior in high school to get fitted for a tuxedo for the prom. I’m being pulled in two directions at the same time. Maybe, I should stop worrying so much about what other people think and just do the best job I can. I’m not perfect but I am trying to be kind to everyone. I don’t think it’s working. I feel stressed.  I want today to be fun for everybody but I just can’t shake the feeling that my mom will be upset that I am leaving her brunch (after two hours) to do something for my son. The “Sandwich Generation” I truly cannot win but I know I am not alone in this situation. I thought I was over being a “people-pleaser” I guess not.

1 thought on “I’m Participating in NaBloPoMo. May 1, 2011, “Maybe”

  1. Sandwiched is right — must feel like you are in a panini grill press! That’s are no win situation: if you stay, you will worry about your son and the prom fitting; if you go, you will worry about your mom’s reaction. If you’re lucky, she will have been distracted. Don’t bring up that you are/did leave. If she asks, then answer honestly — you didn’t want your son in a tux that didn’t fit — especially since you were going to give her one of the pictures.


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