Coffee vs. Tea

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Coffee And Tea

Mmmmm. In the morning, when I first wake up, I look forward to very strong coffee that either my husband makes or that I make. We generally use about 3 scoops for a large mug and it is aromatic and strong. It is not for the weak or instant coffee drinker. Generally, I mix Cafe Bustelo (espresso) with some sort of flavored coffee to balance the taste. I’ve had coffee from the grocery store, like Hazelnut Creme or Vanilla Creme mixed with Starbucks (as a treat) or espresso.

I have favorite mugs as well, mostly thin-lipped, some classic like a Starbucks mug, some entertaining like a cow mug or a yellow mug with a thumb holder or a bull mug my husband bought me in Malaga that has a top to keep the coffee hot. If there ever is a morning that I don’t feel like a cup of very strong coffee, I am sick. Very sick. When I am sick, with a sore throat or a bad cold, I drink tea with honey and lemon. However, for a stomach virus I drink tea with milk and sugar only. In the fall and winter, when my daughter comes home from school, we drink a cup of tea together. My favorite tea-cup is one from my friend Sarah, a petite, red and white flowery design that belonged to her grandmother. I feel honored that she gave me that cup with a box of English tea she loves and now, that I love. I drink that tea every afternoon; sometimes my daughter keeps me company and she drinks green tea. I love those times together.

For me, it isn’t a matter of coffee or tea, it’s both, for different reasons, different times and different lessons to learn. I gather my thoughts with one cup and yet another one calms me down, and of course, in the early morning, strong coffee, a hearty roast, kick starts and welcomes me to start the new day.

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6 thoughts on “Coffee vs. Tea

  1. Apparently, I made up my own language when I was first learning to talk. Ned, for some reason, was toast. However, my first “real” word was coffee. My mother thought that was because she would say to me she was going to make a coffee.
    Don’t know if Mom gave up coffee; she didn’t get morning sickness and back in the late 1950s, there weren’t the same advisements to women. So, I might have inherented a coffee gene from mom’s side of the family!


  2. I didn’t drink coffee until I was pregnant with my first son. My workplace would brew decaf just for me…it was my craving with that pregnancy. That child, now a grown man of 25 is a coffee lover, and shares expensive brands at home, and brings me special gourmet take out coffee as a surprise. My second pregnancy was horrible, I was nauseus for nine months and could eat nothng but bland foods. That child turned out to be the pickiest eater I have ever known. Hmmm, makes me wonder.


  3. Oh, my gosh! I knew it! We’re twins that were separated at birth. I, of course, was born first a few years before you and that is why we were separated.
    xxxxx Judy
    P.S. I’ve developed a liking for ice cold STRONG coffee with milk. The flavor is even stronger when it’s cold. I brew extra in the a.m and put it in the fridge.


    • LOL, twins separated at birth. we are most definitely connected I also save leftover coffee and put it in the refrigerator for iced coffee later in the day. But, I can’t drink black coffee, usually use fat free half and half (it makes me feel virtuous) and some Truvia/Purevia. In NY, sometimes people in stores try and sell you iced coffee as hot coffee over ice, so not what it’s about!! See ya at the seminar Max, love to your human.

      Love, Laurie F.


  4. Sometimes its the memories and rituals attached to tea and coffee that make them such an important part of our life — and the fact that we’re addictied, 😉


  5. I see we share a similar interest in strong coffee. My dad used to say he likes it that way because tasting awful is part of what wakes him up. But I dissagree. Coffee is wonderful. Hmmm… I better go make a cup! 🙂


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