Help Me, Help Me Breathe – Meditation


I need help and advice. I get caught up sometimes in the thousands of minute details and decisions that need to be made in a day. I realized this morning, before I was actually awake, that I hadn’t printed permission slips for both my children, didn’t unload the dishwasher from yesterday, read the mail, finish the laundry, go shopping and…… I did realize that after looking for socks in two different stores I wound up buying one of each in both stores; I now have socks that will probably last until 2019. This is not working for me. I need to focus.

It could be that my life is too busy this time of year, I am not great at organizing and I forget half the things I should remember. I could blame it on my Fibromyalgia and Fibro-Fog but I am sure I could help myself in some way. I need my writing pad to remind myself of all the things I need to do and my red pen to cross them off, one by one, but I get too preoccupied to find my notepad and don’t want to waste the time to find it.

Does that make sense to you?

I’ve told myself for years that I should meditate,” should” being the operative word. I haven’t done it yet;  I say I don’t have the time but that’s plain ridiculous. I should be able to be seated in a quiet place for twenty minutes every morning and every night and breathe deeply, to center my soul. Why is it that I can’t  or won’t do that?  Sometimes I am in such a great rush that I forget to breathe.

For now, I need to  remind myself to stay in the present, to not worry about things I have no control over, to take it slowly and not flip out about terrorist attacks and subway and train plots, earthquakes, terrorism, tsunami’s, cancer and all other life-threatening diseases. I need to stay in the moment and move those bad, anxiety provoking and terrifying thoughts away, like swatting at mosquitoes. Swatting away a bug comes naturally, changing my thoughts does not. I want to form a new habit,  focusing on the good, on the present and nothing else.  Oprah said that “weight loss was her nemesis” and I am not repeating it to be mean at all. Going into panic mode is my nemesis, my downfall, this is the one thing I have trouble changing.

Which brings me back to meditating, I think it might help. Here’s my question: can I just do it? Do I need to be taught? There are meditation courses but is that worth it? Does anyone out there meditate and find it useful? Please let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts and advice. Namaste.

3 thoughts on “Help Me, Help Me Breathe – Meditation

  1. Wow! I got dizzy just reading about the stuff you didn’t do and they stuff you forgot to do. I think you are too hard on yourself. Lists? Forget about ’em! I lose them too.

    Meditation? My mind will not be still long enough to even try.

    Have a frosty beverage and enjoy the day!



  2. Your concept of meditation, I’m sure, is the problem. Meditation is many things, mostly it is not what you think. You cannot approach it with thinking, you have to do it, seriously, patiently, and the effects und intellectual understanding will come by itself later. If you really want to figure it out you have to throw all preconceiced ideas over boeard.
    Meditation is an attitude in which the mind can actually see itself. In meditation it is possible to investigate our true identity, to finally look at Self as nothing but a mysterious phenomenon, to see our ego rather than be it, to see who we really are, to explore perplexing phenomena like desire and aversion, love and aggression, and to discover ignorance not as failure but as a neutral condition and wisdom as a miracle. In meditation one can see – very painfully at first and then with growing compassion – how profoundly conditioned we are, shaped by influences out of our control, in fact outside of our awareness, how illusive, entirely imagined our whole so called personality is, and therefore how quite “impersonal” our reactions and habits are.


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