When Paying Top Dollar Pays Off

Vanilla Slice - Just Fine Food

Image by avlxyz via Flickr

Not Into Shoes, Clothes, Jewelery, Make-Up……

Oh, everyone knows what I am going to say…..GREAT FOOD. It’s only for a celebration, no one (that I know) can enjoy this every day but a couple of times a year? Absolutely!!! I don’t care about shoes, clothes (much to my 16-year-old daughter’s dismay) jewelry or “things.” My only luxury is buying a book but recently I have just been taking things out of the library. My top dollar is probably very different from rich people but it doesn’t matter. Whatever you can afford, a great meal is worth it, but for me, only if you share it with someone you love.

p.s. Dessert options MUST be heavenly.

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4 thoughts on “When Paying Top Dollar Pays Off

  1. You said it sister! As soon as my neck issue is taken care of (6/2 appt – calling every day for cancellation), I am heading down to meet you for an AMAZING MEAL with decadent dessert~


  2. I also must have a good dessert when I go out for dinner. Sometimes I go with some of my ladyfriends (as my kids call them) for coffee. BUT the coffee shop has a wonderful selection of yummy dessets. Heaven.


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