On Acquired Tastes

It Was Their Fault……


I cannot eat salmon and I blame this on my Junior High School's best friend's mother. That's right Susie K. I'm talking about YOU. I went to your country house with by BFF, Linda, and you served me salmon mousse. I was all of 14 years old and when I told you I didn't eat salmon, you told me it was tuna!!! You made me eat it and ever since then I cannot eat anything slightly related to salmon.The smell of salmon in any form makes me gag. Believe me, I have tried to taste it in various forms because it is so healthy that I want to like it but I just can't. Never, Nada, Not A Chance.

My mom once forced me to eat lamb chops and I didn't want to. Like a good, European child, I had to eat it and so I did. Five minutes later I went to the bathroom and threw up. I can't eat lamb either except if it is in the form of a gyro all mushed up with spices and then I pretend it is chicken.

There are things that happen that you really can't change and some you can try to change. While on vacation in Spain, I tried an olive. I've always hated olives but I ate this one, tentatively and slowly. I think I liked it. I also think that I liked it because i was overlooking the sea, sitting in the sun and the olive just seemed to fit. I would try olives again, and maybe I will learn to like them. Salmon and lamb? Not a chance. I never forced my kids to eat anything that they didn't want. True,, they don't eat everything but I would never even THINK about forcing my children to eat something. I encouraged, yes, absolutely, but I never forced, and I never will.

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4 thoughts on “On Acquired Tastes

  1. PS: just noticed your comment re your mom. sorry to hear she isn’t doing well and has troubles eating. Hope the endoscopy provides some answers. Will think of you tomorrow.
    PSS: Dan Fogelberg and a collaborator (whose name I forget now) named their first album together: “Twin Sons of Different Mothers.” Many years later, they collaborated again and called the album: “No Resemblence Whatsoever.”


  2. A friend who loved olives, took me regularly to a farmer’s market in Vancouver, BC on the weekends for about a year, and got me to sample olives and sushi each trip. Didn’t help! Still dislike both.
    I had to atleast try everything on my plate. Then my mother discovered that I would eat ANY veg — from brocolli to brussel sprouts — if covered with cheese sauce. Heck, with cheese sauce, I could even eat her meatloaf!
    My grandneices are amazing; since being very little, they have eaten ALL the things most kids hate!


  3. Salmon? ICK! Green Olives? Double ICK!

    My Mom never made us eat anything we didn’t like, and I was the same with my kids. My Mom would make liver and bacon for her and my sister and the smell gagged us other kids. I have never tasted liver and I never will.

    Your twin seperated at birth….mo


    • green olives double ick as well. this was kinda black and it tasted smoky not like an olive. have a magazine for you, got it today will send it off soon. my mom is not doing well health wise, has to have an endoscopy Friday, I will be there. She has lost a lot of weight and tries to eat but can’t. I’m worried. That said, I will only be able to send out the magazine till next week. Your twin, separated at birth even though I am older than you……..Laurie

      Love, Laurie


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