Saying Good-Bye To Oprah

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I loved the peachy-pink dress you wore on the last show, Oprah. I didn’t think this last show would be your own last lecture, a love letter, a synopsis from you to your adoring fans but in retrospect, it was what you were all about. Teaching. I admit I wanted to be able to cry, with you, for you and for me and the rest of the world but you saved that, and rightly so, for the last ten minutes.  Your walk from the stage out was like watching a play, with emotion, but not with regret. How wonderful to be you.

I imagined I would get to see an emotional Oprah, one that showed your vulnerability, any slight doubt you had, any separation anxiety. But, I, was the one with the separation anxiety and loss, not you. I was the one who needed an emotional good-bye, you didn’t. Truly amazing. For the last twenty-five years I have grown up with The Oprah Winfrey Show. Today, even though I tape the shows I had to see it live.  “I have to watch Oprah from 4-5pm today” I told my children. They understood and at 16 and 18, they have their own favorite shows, their loyal friends, their own lessons to learn, their own truth to find. We will have to teach them what we learned from you.

Oprah, you have been a friend to me and to people all around the world. “Your life is speaking to you, what is it saying…?” For me, it is saying that I will miss you, that I have learned so much from you, that 4-5pm will feel empty without you. You told us that “when it was the right time to leave, there was no regret, not bittersweet, just sweet.”  I know I couldn’t be like that. Sometimes, I second guess myself but I know how to listen to my gut, to my feelings, to search inside my soul. I always knew that but you validated my feelings; you cheered me on as a woman and especially as a parent, as a stay at home mother.

Oprah is a teacher, an educator, a spiritual and religious woman, that was very clear today.  You were on our own, to thank us, the audience, for making you feel special and loved and validated.  “We too can find our own passion, in whatever way we choose. We can help people, be kind to one another and stave off bad karma by putting forward only good karma.” Yes, we have heard it before but it was good to hear it one last time. To remind us all of what is important, to be kind and give to others.

We will spread the love, we will spread the joy and the passion. You were the love of our lives too, Oprah, as we were yours. After 25 years, I have to say good-bye to a friend who has been on television all of my adult life. I grew up with you and I have learned a lot of lessons from you. I feel sorry for this new generation because they will not have you in their lives to teach them. We will just have to pass down what we have learned from you; as you see, you will be in our hearts forever.

I will say good-bye, because I have to. Thank you for all that you have done for this world. I will truly miss you.

6 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye To Oprah

  1. I thought of you during what I figured was the time of Oprah’s last show. She never held the same fascination or attraction for me, but I understand how she touched so many women’s lives. I imagined you, on the couch, with a box of kleenex and a notepad.
    When you feel lonely for Oprah, remember Ellen is still on! And, now she has her own network, no doubt some version of Oprah will emerge again. I don’t think she is the kind of person who can stay off air for too long.


    • you are adorable, didn’t have the notepad or the tissues, but as I said, I wanted the tissues so I could cry. I’m sure she will be part of her new network but it’s the old show I miss. not really into OWN. but you thinking about me? adorable!!!

      Love, Laurie


  2. What a wonderful tribute to Oprah…our generation’s guru. You and I both know what an inspirational, ground-breaking person she is/was to people like you and me. Dare I say it, but she has made an impact on more human beings than Jesus Christ. She is our savior, especially for women. I’m sure thousand of years from now, after we are all said and done, Oprah will go down as the people’s guru. We’ve learned so much from her and I have a great deal of respect for her and her work. I know her work is not done in the world because she’s has stated that she will be used by God till she takes her last breath. Now that she has her own network, I believe she will reinvent herself and further her purpose of making the world a better place. May we all learn from her. Hail Oprah…for she has lived a life that has touched all of us in so many ways..too many to mention.


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