There's Only One Barbra


I don’t think of her as a musician, I think of her as an amazing artist. There’s no one else like her, her voice, her range, her beauty. I regret that I did not see her live when she was playing near the date of my 50th birthday. Major mistake. Epic fail. It was too expensive….nothing is too expensive if it is a lifetime dream. I wish I had been more adamant, I wish my husband had listened, I wish we had gone to the concert, spent an excessive amount of money and gone out to a lavish dinner. It would have been worth all the money to be able to reflect back and remember that memory years and years later.


1) Barbra Streisand

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2 thoughts on “There's Only One Barbra

  1. I love Barbra too. When I was in my 30’s I played her albums so many times I began to think I was her.
    the only difference is I don’t regret not spending the money because I know me – the amount of money would have taken me years to get over and as my memory declines that’s all I would be remembering!
    (I think that officially puts me in the classification of tight wad!!!!!)


    • You make me laugh. Tightwad indeed, but not me. I would still have the memory although I would be pissed as hell if it was replayed on TV and I could see it better. That’s when I would be kidding myself in the tuchis.

      Love, Laurie


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