So Now I’m A Friggin Grandma?


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I just read an article about “Rent -A-Grandma” which provides women, OVER 50, did you hear me correctly….50 to join the work force. “Grandmas” can pet sit, baby sit, do errands, they are reliable,  have experience (sic OLD) and don’t have to worry about age discrimination anymore. They can do elder care if needed although that’s really Grandma-Helping-Grandma so I’m not sure if that particular service has been thought out completely. I thought this was a joke too but people, listen to me, it really does exist.

Part of me wants to join and be able to make money, the other part of me is disgusted and refuses to believe that over 50 could even be considered a Grandma.  I know I got married relatively late at 31 and had children three years later but still, my son is just graduating from High School and my daughter will be a Senior next year. Grandma, me? Really?

There is something offensive about this although I am not exactly sure what it is except for the fact that some company is saying that the age 50 and over signifies old grandmas. What do they call their workers over 55? Octogenerians? Listen, you can reference check me all you want. I have been a professional, I have worked in corporations and in colleges, I am a daughter, a wife, a mother and a reliable and good friend. But a Grandma? Not yet, but maybe I will give it a try before I am withered up, unable to move, locked in a wheel-chair and wetting my pants. Couldn’t they have called it something else? Is this supposed to be a successful marketing technique?

When I first glanced at the ad I thought it was for people who wanted an elderly woman to bake them cookies, to come over and chat, give them much-needed warmth and support. They could also help with the children while dispensing wisdom to us parents. I think to be qualified as a Grandma you need certain skills, baking and cooking for one. Each Grandma, if it was up to me, would smell like the essence of real vanilla, tote Hershey Kiss Surprise cookies ( thank you, Omi) and be able to dispense knowledge and real life stories of success.

Hey, I don’t want any old Grandma. I don’t want to BE any old Grandma either. Women of our distinguished age with maturity, charm and self-respect need well-mannered clients. We will be all the things you want us to be. We will pretend that we do not know how to text and tweet ( I really do not have an idea of how that works anyway) but if you don’t want us to have a cell phone, forget about it, it’s gone.  For money and job stability, our aprons will be wrapped around our necks. We may even consider doing windows but it will cost you. Rent-A-Grandma, there’s a franchise coming to you, because “there’s nothing like experience.”

6 thoughts on “So Now I’m A Friggin Grandma?

  1. Having no children, can I qualify to work as a grannie? I had one grandmother (Nannie) who was particularly evil though she smelled of vanilla and cinamon and baked ALOT.
    Although I met the age requirement, I don’t think I have any grandmotherly skills. Baking is out of a box — I only know a few recipes by heart/bake from scracth (spelling). I haven’t babysat in years, though I have 5 grandneices and one grandnephew I do interact with on occassion (spelling). And, my sister-in-law just gave me an apron (took a year in home ec to sow one, LOL).
    I “deep condition” my hair (a friend’s term for colo(u)ring; I started getting grey hairs at 16. My grey is in clumps, not the nicely placed grey hair my mother had. Like her father, her hair was still dark with streaks of grey at 82.
    I worked with a woman once who was 16 when she had her first child, who had her first child at 16, who’s child was a father at 16. So, at 48 she was a GREAT-GRANDMOTHER! Yikes!


  2. This is all just too funny. I don’t bake, or cook, or wear an apron. So I will not apply for this job.


    Laurie, another weird thing…I got married when I was 31 also.


  3. So what you’re telling me is I could be getting paid for what I already do for free??? Where do I sign up?

    p.s. I prefer to be called Gammie


  4. If all I have to do is wear an apron, bake cookies, let my hair go gray I WANT the job. If you open a franchise count me in as your first employee.
    xxxxx J.
    P.S. I don’t do windows, toilets, sing on key and charge $350 an hour – you provide the cookie dough, I’ll bring my own apron.


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