If I Saw Someone Stealing…

These are my Jelly Belly jelly beans, and you ...

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To Steal OR Not To Steal……

I have grappled with the answer for many years. The answer: it depends. If the person looked poor and was stealing a banana or a can of baked beans, of course I would NOT tell. If it was just a quick glimpse and I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t say a thing. I would have to be very, very sure that the person INDEED was stealing. If I witnessed someone steal something expensive (I am not talking about a jelly bean or a piece of candy from those huge bins because even I have done that) I probably would report the person. I would also want to hide afterwards because while I am happy to right a wrong, I also don’t want to be punched in the face. I myself stole a small tube of Elmer’s Glue from the neighborhood 5 and 10 store when I was very little and my mom marched me back in there the next day to apologize and return it. Truly, it’s not worth the humiliation. At any age.

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4 thoughts on “If I Saw Someone Stealing…

  1. Wow. Phy your story bout the ice cream kinda cracked me up! lol….of course no one could eat a whole container of ice cream that fast…lol. I stole one thing my whole life…a lipgloss at JC Penney when I was 13, and I was caught and humiliated, marched thru the store and into a police paddy wagon! And spent the night in juvy, then went to court! I mean holy cow! It was a lip gloss and I was 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I never stole again, that’s for dang sure, but to this day I believe that was waaay overkill for a grape lipgloss.
    I don’t like to know of anyone stealing, unless like has been said, I know they are so needy they really have no other option. I don’t like deceit in any fashion…it really gets to me when I think someone is trying to do something illegal or dishonest and they think they are getting away with it.

    Another interesting blog from Laurie Lou!!!


  2. I’ve been stopped twice for shoplifting (although I hadn’t taken anything). Both times it was in grocery stores; once because I hadn’t bought anything, so I must have pocketed some of the items I looked at and put back on the shelf. The second time I was in Whole Foods, and I was using one of their grocery totes as a tote bag, and had a folded up bag for my purchases. I was stopped at the checkout, and the manager insisted I show the expensive chocolates I had selected from behind a glass case! Now, that day I was wearing a ball cap and fairly distinctive clothing — why the candy counter employee ided me as the thief, I don’t know. Then the manager said “Don’t use our bags as anything but grocery bags!” She had to get some dig in when it turned out that I had paid for all my groceries! Using their tote was adverstising for them, and certainly I didn’t need a visit from the fashion police, lol.
    A friend had a large ice cream container (empty) he was taking to the local natural foods store to fill with hone. He stopped by a grocery store (not the same one I was in), and purchased a few items.
    As he was leaving, he was stopped by security — why hadn’t he paid for the ice cream? Showing the security person that the container was empty, he was told that he must have EATEN ALL OF IT in the store. My friend said, where’s the spoon, and why would I keep the container if I had, indeed, eaten all the ice cream!
    I’ve seen older folks pocket stuff; I turn a blind eye because I don’t know what kind of pension they are living on.


  3. Around ten years ago, I witnessed a middle-aged woman shoplifting some bras in Kohls. She had a huge hobo pocketbook and was stuffing the bras into it. I yelled out, “I see you!!!’ The lady was so startled she pulled the bras out of her bag and hightailed it out of there. I recently purchased a few new bras. I left Kohls $140 poorer. Now I understand


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