‘Oh Lola’ Perfume – Dakota Fanning

'Oh Lola' Should be NO Lola

I just saw an advertisement for a perfume called Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs. There was a picture of the actress/model Dakota Fanning, umm, holding, urrgh, placing it, (the bottle of perfume) between her legs. Oh, she was clothed (barely) but I hate the campaign. There was a comment section after the photo which I believe you can see by googling all the information; I am not positive but I think that this was in People magazine. See photo above (with my caption.)

Oh Lola, Oh Dear. Really?  It’s like kid porn and I am not at all a very conservative person. I don’t like overly suggestive, in your face advertising that  looks sleazy. You want to use Dakota Fanning, a very beautiful young woman in your advertising? Go for it. But, have a little common sense, this ad is offensive to me and I would not buy the product because of it. Nor would I let my 16-year-old daughter buy it and I certainly wouldn’t buy it for her. It just makes Marc Jacobs look like a dirty old man. You wanted a comment about the new campaign? Disgusting. Kid porn. Change it or make it go away. There, that’s my comment. What’s yours?

Oh Lola should be NO Lola.

9 thoughts on “‘Oh Lola’ Perfume – Dakota Fanning

  1. I love perfume. I love Marc Jacobs selections; I say that because perfume is not created by the design house (Marc Jacobs) but by a contractor. Marc Jacobs should be responsible for approving an ad like this, or hiring the person who would. THIS IS NOT SEXY. This makes me NOT want to wear your perfume, Marc Jacobs! Creating a sensationalist ad to create controversy in order to get attention (which is likely why this ad was chosen) shows a lack of integrity. To the “kid” who commented earlier- she may have been instructed to do so, but every person has a choice whether to do something or not, even if the consequences of not obeying are dire. She could have said “no”. She didn’t. She cares more about the money than the potentially damaging impact her work would cause. I don’t respect Miss Fanning for her decision. Each of us is responsible for our decisions and what we put out into the world. We create the world with our actions. It doesn’t matter who the actress is, visual media like this train the eye as to what to expect. I don’t want grown men (who reads these magazines) to sexualize young women like this. I don’t want to walk with my underage daughter down the street and feel the creepy stare of a man 25 years her senior. I want my daughters to grow up and solve real problems, not obsess about how “sexy” they look, which is what our mainstream culture has unfortunately convinced the majority they need to do!


  2. I never even noticed where the bottle was, big deal! I’m a kid and if I’m honest why would you even LOOK where the bottle was sitting. As for Dakota Fanning, she is only doing as she is told, she wouldn’t choose where the bottle was put she would have been told.
    Really, my comment is GET OVER IT! It’s a great scent and because of the placement of the bottle that won’t change, OK?


  3. Honestly she is not a “commercial” or mainstream actress. Adults might know who she is, kids/”young girls” won’t. They are more into Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale etc etc. As for the ad, she has the typical “high fashion” look, which is overtly thin, and almost like she’s high. But as for the placement of the bottle, that I did not even notice. All I noticed was the bottle–it’s gorgeous-summery, girly, pretty. It looks refreshing. I’m not sure if the ad you saw had the fragrance insert, but mine did, and once I smelled it, Dakota or not, I was hooked. I will definitely purchase this. The intended audience is not “kids” look at the price point. This is not Brittany Spears Circus, or Kimora Lee Simmons, Fabulosity. This is definitely more high fashion, with an older, more mature audience. And being that MJ is gay, I doubt he had the whole “kiddie porn” idea in his head.


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  6. I agree…it’s bad taste. She looks like she is on drugs. But, young girls will buy it because of the ad and her popularity. They could have photographed her in a different way that would make her look like the young lady she is.

    Disappointing. And shame on them.



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