4 thoughts on “Coconut M & M’s

  1. Thanks for the product review. You’ve saved me money, calories and lusting after something I needn’t lust over!
    M&M Peanut chocolate candies are one of my favorites. I can eat an entire bag (BIG bag) on my own.


  2. Do you or hubby remember who made Bar None? That might help track it down.
    I prefer the dark chocolate mounds, myself. I’ve been indulging in something my father used to love that has been reappearing on store shelves: thick chunks of marshmallow coated in thin, small pieces of toasted coconut: coconut heaven!
    (Available in US and Canada in selected grocery retaliers)


  3. I feel the same way…coconut!!!!! I live for Easter because I can make a lamb cake smothered in coconut, with coconut dyed green as grass, with a little bit of cake included. I also ran to the store for the M & M’s and hated them. I went back in Walgreen’s and got an Almond Joy.


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