Haiku Heights: FLAW


Exposing My Self

Inner Feelings Blasting Forth

Now I Want To Hide.


People Are Different

Emotionally Damaged

Let It Rest In Peace


Fear, Lonely Boy Weeps

Tries To Hide Behind His Wall

Let Us Smile For You


23 thoughts on “Haiku Heights: FLAW

  1. Hi Laurie.

    Quite beautiful, and Wordcoaster is right. You dont need to put the word flaw in the haiku as such, just the theme is that. 🙂 Yours is quite beautiful. I think this is the first time I’m seeing u at Haiku Heights?

    Anyways, welcome to HH. Glad to have you. Reading your queries to WC, here are your answers:

    Your link back to HH in your post is fine 🙂 Thanks. Though its not a must, it’d help your readers who love haiku find my meme. Wondering who wrote to you about that though, coz I’m the host and I don’t remember mailing anything like that 😉

    A theme is weekly and the theme changes every Saturday at 10:10pm (GMT + 5.5hrs). You can post as many haikus as you want for one theme and link in till the linky collection is closed. Thanks!



  2. it’s one theme for a week? can I do another one for the same theme, any limit on how many u post? Also, when do the themes change? I love getting back into this, little like coming home, I’m so happy I found all of you. Thanks to Judith for mentioning Becca and this lovely group.


  3. Laurie – your link followed through great … Initially, I followed the breadcrumb from Judy’s, and then went back to Haiku Heights and followed the link back to here. Ta-duh!! Great set of Haiku … If you hadn’t considered linking for all to enjoy – I would have encouraged you to do so!! Hope you join us again!! You may prefer prose – but you have a knack for Haiku too! 🙂


  4. No, don’t worry, you deleted the one that wasn’t working. Plinky just sounded complicated with the way you have to sign up and how it’s a separate service. Maybe I’m just scared of commitment 😀


  5. Hmm, not sure. Did you go to the blog and was there a place that says “Add your link” underneath Prompt #50-Flaw ? Then did you click on that and where it has a little box for your URL you pasted in https://hibernationnow.wordpress.com/2011/07/02/haiku-heights-flaw/ ? You fill in the other two boxes with your name (I just use wordcoaster for my name) and email.
    What are plinky prompts? I haven’t heard of them. You’re quite welcome 🙂


      • Haha, for me Plinky Prompt sounds MORE complicated–but to each his own 🙂 Thanks for the tip, though. Perhaps one of these days I’ll get desperate enough to overcome my technological shortcomings. In the meantime, I make do with what I can 🙂


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