What I'm Saving Up to Buy

Maybe, Maybe Not

In my fantasy, I am saving up for an iPad. Or a Nikon SLR camera. I am not sure if I ever would buy one or the other but I like to have something to think about. Today, after a boring ride home in a hot train I talked to a man who looked cheerful and entertained, he had the iPad. I asked him questions about it, i.e. Can you write with it? Would I ever be able to figure it out? He said "Oh, my 4-year old son knows how to use it." That, kind Sir, does not help me. I am a techno-phobe, I can barely answer my dummy phone. I'm sure your 4 -year old can learn it quickly. It's those of us that are older, like me, untalented, uncoordinated and unused to this new technology that need a lot of help. The fact that a 4-year old knows how to work this makes it harder for me. Imagine if I could never figure it out, your kid would win.

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4 thoughts on “What I'm Saving Up to Buy

  1. We bought one for my son for his college graduation, and I have tried to play with it a few times. Forget about it! Our brains aren’t hardwired to understand these complicated computer things. I did use it to read a few books just to see if I would like a Kindle. I want a Kindle, but not an Ipad. They are cute though.


    • DON’T GET A kindle if you are like me. I got on, saved up the money for months and bought one, right when Oprah was talking about it. I pretended to like it and then I stopped. I HATED it. I like the feel of real books in my hand. Yes, it was easy to transport and good on a plane or something but honestly, it wasn’t the same and I never got used to it!!!

        Warm wishes, Laurie https://hibernationnow.wordpress.com



    • I know, I feel like I’m not in a club that I should be in….BUT, you can’t easily write in it so that for me is a no-brainer.  Though I have hears you can get an app for writing. Let’s not get them together OR let’s buy them on the very same day!!! I’m so clueless with techie stuff, at least you are great at it!!  How are you doing these days? Love, Laurie F.

        Warm wishes, Laurie https://hibernationnow.wordpress.com



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