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Eye of a Border collie puppy

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I ❤ My Dog Callie

Her name is Callie and I rescued her from an animal shelter nine years ago. She and her sister, 6 week old puppies were returned from a mean old man who took both of them for ONE WEEK and then returned them to the shelter because “they were too much trouble.” I guess I should be grateful to this guy because after all, that’s how Callie, my dog and I, met.

I was seated on the floor of the animal shelter when the woman in charge of the shelter put two puppies down on the floor with me. One was off eating electrical wires, the other one climbed into my lap and never left. I wanted to bring both the dogs home but my husband put his foot down on that idea. I couldn’t help myself, the little puppy that sighed after she snuggled into my lap was my dog forever. I’m sure her sister was a much braver dog, she probably goes for rides in cars and likes to explore things. My dog is happiest curled up next to me on the bed. She’s sensitive and intuitive. The other night I was sad and I was crying. Callie came on the bed and stood in front of me, licking my tears, kissing my face. I put my arms around her now gray and white neck and gave her a hug and we stayed like that for what seemed to be a long time. When I felt better, it looked as if she was smiling at me as she hopped down from the bed to happily lap up some water and go downstairs.

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14 thoughts on “My Pet

  1. I love a good animal rescue story, and the wonderful results of an intuitive fur-child (actually they all are intuitive since they are energy beings, but some show it better than others) … this tugged at my heart!!

    All 12 of my fur-children can tell you I am a softie!! 🙂


    • 12!!! wow. all dogs? our dog is so shy and scared I wouldn’t dream of getting another dog now. That and my husband would kill me!!! i love dogs and would only want a shelter dog. my sister paid over 2,000 for some yappy dog from oregon. yap, yap, all the time, it’s hypoallergenic and really not a very nice dog!!

      Warm wishes, Laurie



      • 3 canine fur children and 9 feline fur children … we did not choose them per se … they all came to us! By nature, I am more a dog person, however, I must say, the felines have won my heart. My LIMIT as been overextended! 😀


  2. Hiya Callie,

    Ruthie here. Actually, it’s Ruthie Mae, but nobody adds the Mae too much anymore. I prefer “little sweet princess” and I’m also of Royal blood because I’m an Egyptian Beetlehound. Woof!

    I look like Cleopatra b/c I have natural eyeliner and two beauty marks, but most importantly, I hunt insects. We live where there are many! I have a full time job. Last night while my mom was sleeping I had to kill at least two and they were those big jumping crickets.


    Sorry Callie, had to clear my throat.

    Good work on taking care of your human mom! She is sweet and you are so kind to lick her tears. I lick my mom’s too.

    You know, I was also taken back to the shelter after being adopted. The family told them I was shedding too much! I’m so glad b/c they had a toddler and I haven’t told my mom why, but I’m pretty scared of little people after living with that family. Good thing they only kept me 2 weeks!

    Happy dog days!!!

    PS Tell your mom to take a new photo of you and post it on here okay.

    Oh yeah, a shout out bark to Max and Tootsie too!


    • Dear Ruthie, I love my mom more than anything but she is bad with the computer and posting pictures but my brother is coming home for the day so we will try. Love and hugs, Callie



  3. Laurie, Animals bring us such comfort don’t they? There are days that I get so lonely but my two pets are always around when I need them. I am glad you have Callie.


  4. Dear Callie, When my Mom saw me I was in a box with my brothers and sisters. There were eight of us so I knew I needed to stand out somehow. All I had to do as roll over on my back, put my feet up in the air and puppy bark. That did it…she picked me!

    The End.
    Love and Kisses


  5. Callie,
    You are a very smart dog. You knew a wonderful human when you saw one. I like the snuggle technique too.

    When my human adopted me I used the lick technique.
    I am so glad your Human was smart too.
    P.S. Callie is a very pretty name. Did your Human give it to you or is it your real name?


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