If I Had A Magic Wand

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I would use it to cure cancer. I’m not being a goody 2-shoes here either but really, if you could do one thing, shouldn’t you do it for as many people as possible? I would never ask for a boat or a vacation in Greece or to pay my bills; I would use it to help the world. What I really should say is I would use my magic wand to cure all illnesses in the world, but that might be pushing it. You don’t want to sound too greedy if you get the “magic wand.” When I was a child (ok, still now) I would ask myself ‘what would you do if you got one wish? My answer today, and when I was six remains the same, I would ask for more wishes.

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4 thoughts on “If I Had A Magic Wand

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  3. If I had a magic wand, I think I would wish for tons of pixie dust; then if the wand got tired, or folks lived far away, I could send them pixie dust. And, maybe a magical dragon to fly me round the world with my magic wand and pixie dust. Don’t think I want a flying carpet; doesn’t look subtantial enough. (Sorry not trying to make light of your wish; I guess I’d wish for more magic, like you’d wish for more wishes. The world needs many things; wonder, and magic help too.


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