Dog Lovers Unite!

an old man

Image by adm via Flickr

My sweet dog, Callie, is lying at the foot of the bed sleeping peacefully. She is nine years old yet she acts like a puppy, an older puppy. The other day when I took her for a walk a neighbor said “wow, he’s really gotten old, huh?” I am not a violent person but at that moment I wanted to club him. I was personally offended and wish I had responded with something like “well you look ancient too” but I was too shocked to answer. I told my daughter the story, she considers our dog “her baby” and she immediately hated the man for the same reason. Would I tell this person that he has aged considerably or that his son is a weed-smoking, drunken, troubled and nasty teenager?” Of course I wouldn’t(not that it isn’t tempting now.)

Of course, I know, my dog’s fur has changed from black to gray and white near her chin and adorable cheeks and she can’t jump as high in the snow as she used to jump. It’s called life, getting older, soon old man, you will not be able to walk as easily as you do now. Ever think of that? Perhaps you will need a little help in the future with a cane or a walker, I wouldn’t point that out to you, how dare you point that out to my dog? That’s just plain bad manners.

Older dogs are special, they bring their own kind of wisdom and charm. But, in the back of my mind I do worry about the future. When I found out that I was pregnant with my second child I really worried as all first moms do, if I would be able to love my second child as much as my first-born? ‘The answer: ABSOLUTELY. I recently asked a friend, a fellow dog lover (and ballerina) if the same thing happens when your first dog, um….you know..gets older or sick and…dies can you love another dog the same way? “Oh yes” she said enthusiastically, “of course you do.”

My dog sighs happily beside me, my arm is around her soft fur, whispering to her softly. I love this dog so much that while her whiskers may be white, she will always be the 6 week old puppy that climbed into my lap, and never left. I will have that memory forever, and I will always love you, no matter what.

5 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Unite!

  1. I think people are being ridiculous sometimes. We shouldn’t approach animals differently than we do each other. A person can not go and tell someone “you are old” right? Why do they find it normal to say when it’s an animal?

    Good Luck Laurie! Btw, I just downloaded a new dog social network app called Wooftail. It’s free, and it’s so much fun. If you guys have time and download it. We can follow each others’ dogs’ pics and vid over there 🙂


  2. Beautiful Laurie. So much love and funny too!

    The next time somebody says our Tiny boy is old, I might just use one of your lines.

    Tiny… old. It is hard accepting their lives are not as long as ours. They are the greatest companions, teachers and friends, always there, but if my girl taught me anything, it is how to love a dog! And too, how to accept the love of another one.

    She taught me to hug her, talk to her, and finally, to understand her.

    Bless the dogs and the cats too! The puppies and kittens, and all the pets who bring so much love and goodness into our lives and hearts!



  3. Laurie, Why do you always write things that make me tear up? My last dog…Keesha the Keeshond…had a stroke, it was a quick and heartbreaking decision to put her own. I didn’t think my kids would ever forgive me. But then shortly after that my older son sought out and found a Keeshond litter. They are not easy to find. I DID NOT want another dog. Nothing would replace Keesha. It took me a while to fall in love with my puppy…but now I couldn’t imagine my boring life without her. Tootsie the Keeshond will never be a replacement for my dear Keesha…but she filled up a part of my heart that was meant just for her.
    Love, your Twin


  4. What a very sweet entry Laurie! That dumb man should be egged! Rude for sure. You know I am for sure a dog lover…having 3 at the moment and a new kitten…lol, and having had dogs all my life, I can say with certainty you will be able to love another dog should you ever need to….the love of dogs is a forever quality…someday another 6 wk old sweet pup will crawl into your lap and leap into your heart! I love all my pets so very much I can’t imagine life without them! Not that they don’t do things that still boggle my mind, and make me angry…lol, but they provide much more love, affection, and laughter than anything else! Lucy my Lab knows five minutes before my tears fall that I’m gonna cry and lays her chin on my leg and looks at me with loving concern, Daisy paws at my hand frantically til I pet her and pet her and pet her…lol, Sasha licks me with her strangely long and loppy tongue allover my arms, even though I know she knows I hate it…lol. And our new kitty Josie is the newest love of my life…kittens are so entertaining and loveable! I had my Dexter for a wonderful 16 years before he died in 2008…and 2 months later is when we brought home our Daisy Duke….she reminded me of Dexter…she ran right up to me and crawled in my lap….just like Sasha also did last year…and Lucy Lou back in 2003. Pets make people kinder and are good for our health! So yay for pets!


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