Haiku Heights – Infatuation 2

Beautiful Red Poppy - Just Opened

Baby being born

A first look, like a painting

Time can not erase


A kitten’s first blink

Flying paws swatting the air

She scampers and sleeps


Puppy rules the house

Licks my cheeks with sloppy sauce

Snuggles in my hand


Fresh bright red poppies

Sprung from a lawn of lush green

Embracing the sun

5 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – Infatuation 2

  1. Love these little haikus! I think I have everything fixed in my computer, I thought it was fixed last week…alas I am not a computer wiz. A lot of my notifications of new blog posts…including yours!…was getting sent to my spam folder. I need to go back and ee if I missed any of yours.
    Oh Bother.


  2. I think I cut and pasted some very vague stuff I was working on. My apologies!
    Just wanted to say that you should add haiku practitioneer (spelling) to your resume along with creative, evocative, excellent prose produced!


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