Does Anyone Still Care Who Jennifer Aniston Is Dating? (Pop Cop)

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Come on people, do you really still care who Jennifer Aniston is dating this month? Wait, let me guess, is it a co-star from a recent movie? Every month it seems that there are articles on who Jen is dating and who she is not dating and whether she is still friendly with Friends co-star Courtney Cox.

FRIENDS WAS OVER IN 2004! I cared about the show, I will always like the show but the actors that played the characters? So over. If we are talking a Friends reunion, I admit, you have my undivided attention and interest. Janice’s presence is absolutely required along with another rendition of Phoebe’s Smelly Cat song. Until then, don’t bother me.

I admit I was surprised when Jen and Brad broke up but after that I kind of got over myself. I was heart-broken when Tom Cruise divorced Nicole Kidman again, not my life. I watched Friends over and over with my daughter. Every single episode again and again. My daughter would actually quote from the show, use references from the show but even she went on to Charmed, Lost and The Office.

She grew up, can’t we? I don’t need to look at magazine covers about whether Jennifer is adopting a baby or not. How about the media, the paparazzi leave her alone and let her figure out her own life?  How about not photographing her anymore; it’s just not cool. It’s also old. I’m not saying she’s old, but enough already.  Courtney Cox and David Arquette are now separated, gasp! Hang on to your BFF’s ladies, they will always be around for you, husbands, boyfriends…you never know, especially in Hollywood.

One more thing, I started a blog years ago called “Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry Need To Get Over Themselves” (Halle is not known for her solid relationships either) but I decided against it. Instead, I know, I wrote this.  How about we follow around really good philanthropists or people who have made a positive difference in the world. How about People, Us Weekly, Star and all the other magazines, show us that you won’t cover Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry for a whole year. Concentrate on real people, not actors or actresses or models or rockers. Show us only good examples.  Dare you.

I know, fat chance.

P.S. If Julia Roberts ever divorces Danny Moder I may just have to give up on the sanctity of marriage..not my own of course but everyone else’s. I admire them.

7 thoughts on “Does Anyone Still Care Who Jennifer Aniston Is Dating? (Pop Cop)

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  2. I loved Friends sooo much! My son and I are diehard fans for sure! Matthew Perry was my fave, and of course he had some issues in his private life, but I still like him. As for who any of them date, I couldn’t care less. But I have the Friends DVD series and will continue to watch them and laugh, that’s for sure! Jens dating life is a train wreck anyway. I wish her luck.


  3. I live in the same city (Ottawa) where Matthew Perry grew up. When the show started, I worked at a company where one of his cousins worked so there was the gossip about this show “Friends”. I tried a couple of times to watch the show the first year. Both times I saw the same episode. Took that as a sign.

    When I would watch it was when Tom Selleck was on the show. Do a reunion show with him on it and I am so, so there! Other than that, let them live and work in peace.

    Unless she is wearing something I want to pretend I can wear. Or she starts dating an alien from another solar system or galaxy. Then, maybe, I’ll show some interest.



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