PFAM – Where Is Your Happy Place?

The Office cast in the third season

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I don’t know where my “Happy Place” is. I’m not sure I even have one. A fantasy I have is living in a house on the ocean, warm, sunny weather, about 75 degrees, pink lemonade in colorful plastic glasses. Unless I win the lottery, (that’s another happy place) that’s not realistically going to happen. My life is really a collection of special moments that I have had already. My go-to place now is in the past.

Those positive memories in my mind, sometimes hard to get access to, are my happy places. My happy place is watching The Office with my seventeen year old daughter lying next to me, the sound of our laughter co-mingling. Browsing in the supermarket slowly, holding on the cart and looking at every new product is fun. For me, it’s a state of mind. I’m not going to lie and say it always works because there are times when I can’t conjure up a happy place. Those are the times when I curl up in bed, hurting, safely tucked in under the covers, trying to keep my pillow cool and my body warm, my dog snoring beside me. I accept those moments too, afterall, you can’t appreciate the happy places without the unhappy ones.

Creme Brulee ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, is a happy moment as well as a maple lollipop sent from a friend that I treasured for months before I gave myself permission to lick the amber sweetness. Helping other people makes me feel good, doing a good deed. Just the other day I saw an elderly neighbor looking upset and I helped her out; she was confused and worried about a “missing”  eight year old boy; I drove her around the neighborhood as we tried to find the location of a dawdling boy who hadn’t yet made it to his neighbor’s house for his ride to camp.

Filling my bird feeder after it’s been empty for a while with sunflower seeds so that the beautiful cardinal family and finches will come back makes me happy. I get happier after they find the food when they sing and dance, chirp and flutter and sing their melodious songs to each other. At night, watching fireflies is a happy moment, every time I see a deer I gasp with joy or a gray bunny rabbit hopping across our front yard.

I wish I had a happy place that I could go to easily but I don’t; it would reassure me and help me to feel peaceful and safe. That’s not my world though, it would be simpler if I had one. So, I try different things all the time, looking at old photographs when my children were young, doodling on a notepad, having the perfect peach, listening to my favorite songs and singing out loud, clear, strong and off-key. Those things make me happy, but to be honest, I have to work at it to find them.

14 thoughts on “PFAM – Where Is Your Happy Place?

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  3. I love that you see happy places in every day things. Watching a TV show with your daughter…birds at your feeder…a bunny…so many things to bring a spark of happiness…it’s beautiful.

    I have a friend who’s father has a beach house in Cape Hateras, NC. It’s beautiful there, I love to visit…but haven’t been there in years. However, the hurricanes, are scary. However, I love the beach, and would love to be there so much more often…
    (I’ve been to both the west coast and east coast…I’m an east coast girl…but that may be because I grew up here.)

    good luck on finding a permanent happy place to escape to.


  4. Hey you guyz — you probably don’t want a house ON the beach – it’s fogged in lots of the time – you want a house on a hill overlooking the beach with an escalator that takes you down and up the hill when you want to walk on the sand and a cabana boy that brings you Mai Tai’s, Margaritas and massages your svelte bodies. . . while the maid is cleaning, the chef is cooking, your chauffeur is washing the limo, the captain is polishing the yaught (sp? big boat)and your portfolio is thriving . . .
    sounding happy enough yet?


  5. Happy place? I have to think about this one…but I like the beach house idea. If I win the mega-million Lotto tonight, we are all going…on me!


  6. I like the beach house idea too! Atlantic or Pacific? How about that hotel that has the huts with glass floors that stretch out over the from the main building? Think that’s in the South Pacific somewhere. I’m off to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.
    I’m having trouble coming up with a happy place, too. The mental ones I have are getting a little ragged around the edges from overuse.


  7. I’m having a really hard time finding “my happy place” this week. I feel awful physically. Prolly not much hope of ever feeling much better.

    Having a home on the beach has always been a dream for me…I love smelling, seeing and hearing the ocean! So relaxing…I am happy when I’m floating in the water too.

    Being with my children makes me happy…remembering holding them as infants does too. Hearing any baby laughing makes me happy.

    Watching The Office is exactly what I’m gettin ready to do tonight at 9pm! I love that show sooo much! I watch the reruns all the time…but especially when I’m particularly sad or ill…like tonight.

    I wish I could get to the happy place and stay there…but that isn’t in the cards. It would be cool if we could get together a group of us chronic girls (u, Phy, Jo, Mo, etc) and have a girls week at a fantabulous ocean house…with lotsa fruity cold drinks, and a bunch of great funny movies or tv shows!

    Cool blog Laurie Lou…


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