Someone Who Has Influenced the Way I See the World

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Sharing What We Have

I grew up in a very tight-knit family, just my parents, my sister and I. We ate meals together but my parents were not very sociable people. The focus remained on the family and if someone came over they had to call first. Heaven forbid they came at mealtime because there wasn’t enough food.

When I was in college I shared an apartment with three really good friends. At dinner one night, some different friends stopped by and I was worried because I knew we didn’t have enough food. That didn’t matter to my good friend Maureen. I remember, in detail, how she invited the friends to the table. We all made screeching sounds with our chairs to make room for our friends. Maureen, with clear simplicity of heart said “we will share what we have with you.” A new hero was born. I had never been exposed to that before and ever since then, if people stop by at dinner time, friends of my son or daughter, I always say “of course there is enough” and enjoy having a little less for myself. Thanks Maur.

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3 thoughts on “Someone Who Has Influenced the Way I See the World

  1. Nice memories to have. We never had people stop over at dinnertime probably because my Mom was a horrible cook! But she always had cake or cupcakes and coffee, and our friends spent many hours sitting at the table eating sweets. She was always sitting with us at that kitchen table too…learning all about us and becoming my girfriends surrogate Mothers. None of the other Moms wanted to sit and listen to a bunch of teenagers talk. Now, me? I am also a bad cook and I hate to bake. BUT I always had ice cream for all the’s how I made friends with my kids friends.


  2. in my house we said: familie hält zurück (family holds back) when friends came at mealtimes. they were always welcome and i taught my children that as well. it’s only a problem if everyone is familie!! xoxo


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