A Food I Was Surprised to Like

Come To Mama

braised short rib

Braised Short Ribs. I have been remiss for so many years for ignoring these delicacies on any menu. I imagined them to be like spare-ribs, tough, chewy and on the bone. What was served to my salivating mouth was a small portion of the softest, succulent beef that I have ever eaten. I didn’t even need a knife to cut these beautiful, tender pieces of beef. A mere touch of a fork made them fall apart in singular strands.They sat next to a small pile of mashed potatoes surrounded by sweet, slightly crunchy, cooked string beans. I would go back to this restaurant in a minute; I would order the same exact thing I just described and I would be a very happy, customer. Again.

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3 thoughts on “A Food I Was Surprised to Like

  1. I’m with Mo: hope the post means you are feeling better and eating short ribs on a regular basis!
    I like a different version of short ribs: the Canadian-Chinese honey garlic ribs. Small, meaty, and cooked in a mildly sweet but garlicy sauce. When I’ve finished the ribs, I save the sauce and put it on left over rice. That’s why a Chinese take out meal lasts me for days! Still working on the order I got on Friday! What’s left over tonight goes into the freezer. I’m down to the veggies left from the moo goo guy pan (to be eaten with crisp fried vermacelli-type noodles), a bit of rice and rib sauce. (You can buy jars of the sauce in the grocery stores — mild, medium, and strong.


  2. I hope this means you are feeling better! My Mom used to make some kind of short ribs in the pressure cooker when we were kids. I remember that I loved them. I can’t remember the last time I tried something new.


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