What I'd Name My Own Clothing Line

Donald Trump

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Real People Inc (RPI)

My clothing line would be called Real People Inc. (or RPI). It would cater to all of us so that all men and women from teeny- tiny to large and extra-extra large would be accommodated in the same store. Why should people have to go to different stores to buy clothes? I think it is unnecessary and I also think it categorizes people into groups. There’s no need for that. We need to encourage tolerance for everyone. This is for men and women, young and old, boys and girls.

My style is comfy, with a touch of bright color, usually in an accessory (my 17-year-old daughter taught me that.) Take all the Big and Fat, Husky and Hot, Size 00, 0,1 and 2 stores and blend them together. It’s one way of not dividing people but including and appreciating everyone. We all need to embrace TOLERANCE. This would be a start. If I had the money, I would design that line and build that store. If either Oprah or The Donald needs a new investment, please have your people call my people. ( I don’t really have people but I can pretend!)

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3 thoughts on “What I'd Name My Own Clothing Line

  1. I’m a comfy dresser too Laurie…specially since I rarely leave home! lol…I just got back from Goodwill where I got a couple pair of sweat pants and a couple shirts….and 7 books. See where my priorities are? lol….I do dress stylish when I go out, I love clothes actually…and have 2 closetfulls to prove it…I have always love putting out fits together…I was a preppy type in the 80
    ‘s but I think I do have a need to be kinda “matchy” with my clothes…lol I love color tho for sure! I wear alot of black and white though…its easy…lol


  2. My people are always on alert to call your people. As a matter of fact I think they have.

    When I was little I would take paper dolls, draw around their bodies and then design pages and pages and pages of clothes. I never cut them out or played with them – just used their outline to create clothing. You brought back that memory, thanks!

    P.S. I think it works the other way —- you design clothes, create a portfolio, send Ivanka free samples and THEN have your people call Trumps people


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