Haiku Heights – Breathe

Crimson Rosella [Platycercus elegans]

Image by JIGGS IMAGES via Flickr

I hold my breath tight

My lungs have to work very hard

There is no calmness


I sit yoga-style

Trying to breathe slowly, calm

It makes my heart sing


Unable to speak

I am caught up in worry

Of all things unknown


The last breath I take

Will be for my children’s love

They complete my world


Breathe and lift the sky

Soar with the blue and red birds

Sing along with them

6 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – Breathe

  1. I like the last one best. Its inspiring 🙂

    Even the yoga one and the last breath one were good, the former being true for me, since a good calming breath is needed a lot of times, and the latter being sad, yet a truth lying in it..


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