Venus Williams, I Feel Your Pain. No Really, I Do.

Venus Williams Portrait

Image by TGIGreeny via Flickr

It’s Wednesday night at 9:30 pm. I’m so tired that it seems to takes an effort to breathe; I just want to curl up and go to bed. Every muscle and joint hurt. Every time I have to get in to the car or out, I moan and groan with pain. The same goes for sitting in a chair and getting up, or on the bed or couch, movement is key.  Fatigue and joint and muscle pain are key players on our lives.

I’m so sorry you were diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome, another one of the auto-immune diseases. I have a couple of friends who have that too. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an auto- immune disease of the thyroid) and Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disease. Both of these illnesses together pretty much make life a lot more difficult. You will have good days and bad; some of us have it better than others. Sometimes you have to lie in bed when you have a flare- up and hide under your down comforter, other times you can push your way through it, especially when you have no choice. Many of us are mothers, wives, daughters and are not in the position to relax and sit around eating chocolate bon-bons (as much as we would like to.) My husband just had surgery on his Achilles Tendon, he will be on crutches for a very, very long time. It’s my turn to help him.

I truly am sorry you have an auto-immune disease however, honestly,  I am THANKFUL for all the good you will do for so many people. I once wrote a blog post about how I wished a celebrity would have a chronic pain disease because then maybe we would get the credibility we deserve. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain and joint diseases often don’t get the respect we deserve. There are many uneducated and insensitive, poorly educated doctors (many of whom I have seen.)  I hope you get proper treatment and follow-up with a Rheumatologist. Make sure you not only trust him/her because of their background and expertise but because you truly believe they want to help you get better. It’s key.

It’s a long road, a really long road. Take it one tiny tennis step at a time. Good luck to you. There’s a whole family of people with these diseases on-line, join us anytime.

2 thoughts on “Venus Williams, I Feel Your Pain. No Really, I Do.

  1. I feel bad for Venus too. Even though she can afford the best doctors and treatments, will she find a doctor who will listen to her…and believe her? Will her fame help her find a physician that won’t say to her…I don’t know why you are so tired….are you taking your meds correctly Venus? If she finds a good one, I hope she lets everybody know.


  2. At first, all I heard (via the radio) was that she had dropped out of competion due to an autoimmune disease that caused fatigue and joint pain. I must admit, my first thought was Yeah! Some autoimmune disease is getting a poster girl, rather than, oh dear, not another person with health issues. (Partly, I think, because I figured she could afford ALL the bells and whistles of health care denied to so many folks who deal with chronic illness due to lack of funds, access, insurance, etc.) I need to read further on why Sjogrens Syndrome caused her to drop out: I know it makes your mouth and eyes very dry and a lot of folks with fibro have this as well, but I didn’t think of it as causing fatigue and joint pain — that sounds so fibro-like!


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