The Longest I'd Want to Live without Internet

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You Mean I Would Have To Pick Up The PHONE?

My fingers started twitching when I read the question so I don’t think I could live without internet access for very long. I don’t own a fancy iPhone, or an iPad (mostly because my two teenagers and husband think I would never be able to learn it) but I do like the feeling of having my laptop. I enjoy staying in touch with friends via e-mail, and occasionally checking Facebook (ha ha, I’m addicted to it.) I do a lot of writing and blogging on-line which, to me, is essential. Also, I love listening to music from my iTunes list. I’d have to say at this point, I might be good for a day, make that half a day, without the internet. More than that, I would need to be admitted to Internet Anonymous Rehab which I’m sure would be very, very crowded and filled with all my friends.  P.S. Maybe I should rethink the iPad……? Can you write with it? Something to think about.

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3 thoughts on “The Longest I'd Want to Live without Internet

  1. Get an ipad so I can be JEALOUS. Several of my clients have them and they can do everything except wash dishes and make phone calls.
    OF COURSE YOU can learn it — they are completely intuitive. I have an Apple laptop after having nothing but PC’s. I love this Apple and wouldn’t trade it. The ipad is voooooonderbar. I want one! If you can afford it — DO IT. You are only here on this planet for a short time.
    You can write with it. If you don’t like the internal keyboard you can buy an external one. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH IT. IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT GET IT. DOn’t listen to your naysayers. GET AN iPad.


  2. Yea, I’d be there with ya in rehab. I live on the computer alot…I think many chronics do…what else we gonna do? I mean of course we read books, do whatever we can around the home, have phone conversations, go to grocery (sometimes)…but the net is where alot of our friends are! The friends who actually GET IT! When I go up to the lake I am forced to go without the net the whole time….and I pretend it doesn’t bother me….I read voraciously…but in the back of my mind I’m wondering how all my net friends are and if there were any real exciting posts made…lol. I went for almost a week on vacation, but I was happy to get on and catch up upon my return!


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