When I'm Happiest

Oven roasted chicken

You Can Get Used To Anything

This would have been the easiest question in the world to answer if it was 3 months ago. I am not sure I have felt happy in a long time. Weather wise, I am happiest in the Spring with the kiss of summer almost upon us. The old, brown down jacket gets put away in the closet along with the gloves and the boots and I see the first purple crocus pop out from the thin layer of white snow.

I’d be happier if we were back in our home, making a simple dinner of roasted chicken, potatoes, a fresh green salad with arugula, lettuce, craisins, tomatoes, English cucumbers, broccoli and green apple, all tossed together like a three-ring circus. There would be a loaf of whole wheat French or Italian bread waiting to warm in the oven, banana bread and brownies for dessert and we would all talk about our day.

It’s going to take a long time before that happens since we are unable to live in our house; it has been so destroyed with wood rot and carpenter ants and termites that the entire house has to be rebuilt.(Oh, and of course, insurance won’t pay for a thing.)

I would have to say that I am happiest when I am in my own home, in my small, cozy nest. A home that means, family, safety, nurturing, love, books, freedom and familiarity, my favorite television shows and my dog snoozing and drooling on the bed next to me.

While we are already empty-nesters with one child, next year both kids will be in college. I wonder if the house will still feel like the same home it did before.

I have adjusted to not being home although it is not easy but I am trying now to just look forward to our new, old house with a new bathtub that has jets (hopefully) to easy my Fibromyalgia pain. Change is not something to fear anymore, you can get used to everything. It just makes you appreciate what you had when you don’t have it anymore.

Why did this have to happen? I have no idea, I’m trying to figure that out now. Maybe the lesson is that there are things in life that will always shake us up: go ride the rough waves as best you can instead of staying in the still of the shallow waters.

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6 thoughts on “When I'm Happiest

  1. Laurie, Where are you guys now? I hope in a nice hotel that gives you some room to walk around. And Cassie? Hope she has adjusted well. You are a strong woman to keep the family going even in these tough circumstances. And Dan? My poor Laurie!


  2. Oh My GOODNESS. I’m still drooling over your description of dinner. If you cook like that every day come live with ME!

    I do think that it is near impossible to know the lessons when we are still reading the chapter. It takes me hindsight to understand the greater picture and how it fits in.
    xxxxxxxx J.


  3. I hope you get your bathtub with jets; my friend has one and it’s wonderful. (He was doing his reno on the cheap, so it must have not been that much more expensive than a large bathtub.)
    Many folks believe that nothing happens without a reason; but it can be so hard to understand why. I’m not sure you can always find out/know the reason.
    “Maybe the lesson is that there are things in life that will always shake us up: go ride the rough waves as best you can instead of staying in the still of the shallow waters.” That’s a big and important lesson, I think.
    Good luck; sending you (((((hugs))))) and hopes for happier days in your new-old home.


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