*MoMA, Just Plain Wrong (*Museum of Modern Art, NYC)

MoMA - Design and the Elastic Mind

Image by pt via Flickr

The Museum of Modern Art was my refuge when I was a High School student. I went there during school breaks, hanging on to the subway straps on packed trains. When I was in college, my sister and I used to go because she was friends with the guard and he always shook his head from side to side, laughing hysterically and shooed us right inside.

When I heard that the MoMA had increased their rates from 20 dollars to 25 dollars per visit, I was shocked, then stunned and now disgusted. I’m sorry but that is way too much money for people to pay (with the exception of the rich and famous.) Just alienate more people from coming to visit this precious museum if you can. I thought that you might want to encourage students and all people to come visit this treasure of a place. I guess not.

Isn’t there a better way? A different solution? Did you really need to expand THAT much? I remember the first MoMa gift shop, sweetly nestled into the main building, cozy and humble. I bought posters there and post cards and a book about the paintings that lived in the museum. Now it’s a separate store?

I think you should have thought of all these things before increasing the price. If admission is twenty-five dollars imagine another twenty dollars to get into the city for some people, perhaps another ten for a cab. I’m not even talking lunch or a cup of coffee. Most museums have one FREE day per week where people can go without worrying about how they are going to pay their mortgages. I remember you used to have one NIGHT free. Please tell me that’s changed.

MoMa, I’m disappointed in you, for myself, and for all the other people who would love to go but just can’t afford the steep price. Shame on you.

3 thoughts on “*MoMA, Just Plain Wrong (*Museum of Modern Art, NYC)

  1. Our local attractions are expensive too..seems like most of our attractions (zoo, etc.) are around $20.00. The Zoo even charges a rental fee for wheelchairs for $10 (which I did rent to save my body but was outraged that there was a fee for it.)

    City run facilities here like fitness centers etc. are almost as expensive as the private ones.


  2. We got a membership to the Natural History Museum, and I got membership for the Met because it was cheaper to pay those fees, than the “suggested” entrance fee more than once. In both cases, we or me got more than the membership price out of the facility. We had looked at the MOMA, but it’s membership fees were very high, too, if I remember correctly. Only been once but I can still see the Monet room with waterlillies, the “dotty” paintings, and marvelling at how small Dali’s melting clock picture really was.
    When the fancy new art gallery openned in Vancouver, BC, in the early 1980s, there was a free afternoon, and often had “pay what you can” days. Since we had very little money, we appreciated the effort of the art gallery to be a part of all of the communities — not just the rich — of the city. I should check and see what they’re charging now!


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