If I Could Star in any TV Commercial

A glass of chocolate milk.

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Truth In Advertising: My Family and Chocolate Milk

Yoohoo or Nestle’s Chocolate Milk.

I’m almost 55 years old and have been drinking chocolate milk all my life. I still LOVE it. When I was a child and we traveled abroad frequently (for free) I was a very fussy eater and my mother dragged Nestle’s Quik powder in her luggage because I would not drink plain milk. I still love chocolate milk ( hot or cold) or Yoohoo, still drink either one as much as possible. Vanilla, banana and strawberry milk are okay but my first choice is always chocolate milk. The only time you will see me drinking plain (regular) milk is with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a piece of chocolate or vanilla cake with frosting. With those two items, I cannot drink chocolate milk…. Not that I’m fussy about eating or anything…..I just like what I like.
p.s. Dear Yahoo and Nestle’s Quik, I am available to be your spokesperson at any time. My mother and my kids could join in too, we could have a multi-generational advertisement. How cool would that be? Drink up!

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3 thoughts on “If I Could Star in any TV Commercial

  1. I agree with Judith — there is a free case of Neslte’s chocolate milk in that post!
    I hated milk (still do) when I was young. Never had choco milk as an option til adult. I buy the pre-mixed stuff sometimes.
    Hubby makes choco milk/hot chocolate with Fry’s Cocao powder and sugar. When he was growing up, his after school snack was always saltines and choco milk. They used Hersey’s syrup,


  2. Oh my gosh, I have to drink plain milk with pnut & jelly and cake too!
    I think you should submit this post to Nestle — they might not let you star in a commercial but I bet if they knew you were promoting them they’d send you free product. (I’m serious)


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