Customer Service Winners and Losers

Nordstrom at Washington Square (Oregon)

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You Get What You Pay For?

This is a SNAP! Hands down, best customer service goes to Nordstrom’s which is a bit of a shame because they are so expensive I never get to shop there. Worst? a tie between Kohl’s and Target, for lack of anything to do about customer service. It seems that employees seems to disappear when I shop at Kohl’s or Target. I know it’s a hard job to work for either of those companies but stop being so grumpy!! All you need is a smile, go to Nordstrom’s and learn their tips.

p.s. @Nordstrom: those sailboat shirts for men are to die for!

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1 thought on “Customer Service Winners and Losers

  1. The clerks at Target here have been coached to ask if you need help finding anything. Every corner you turn it’s the same question.
    It’s nice to have smiling clerks and annoying! Guess I’m never satisfied.
    At Kohl’s the only clerks around are the checkers. I’ve had to ask other customers where things are!
    Nordstroms – I only go to accompany my wealthier friends and find things for them to buy. The clerks leave me alone as they can apparently smell out who to spend time on . . .


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