If I Could Only Wear One Color for the Next Month

Lemon Life

Image by elkit via Flickr

Lemon Drops……

Daffodils, the strong sting from the sun, lemons, lemon pound cake with sugar icing…..the color I enthusiastically choose is YELLOW. I love the color yellow and my dream once was to own a bright yellow (not the brand new ones that have just been released) Volkswagen Beetle but as we know, wishes don’t always come true. I do own a bright yellow pocketbook for those long winter days when we are surrounded in total darkness in the late afternoon. When the gray, dirty snow is right outside my doorstep you will find lemons and perky clementines in a clear blue bowl on my kitchen or living room table.

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2 thoughts on “If I Could Only Wear One Color for the Next Month

  1. my dad bought a camero that had a lime green body and a dark green vinyl roof — and no, he wasn’t colour-blind. I remember beige corvairs (before ralph nadar got them off the road), but for some reason I can’t remember the colour of the car dad loved best: the 1959 karman gia he had shipped over from germany. I like to think it was bright red or racing green. it became two small in the backseat for me, the cat and suitcases when we travelled. It was the car that he took me for Sunday rides in to give my mother a break, and teach me inappropriate songs — as I have blogged elsewhere.
    our cars have been green, grey or robin egg blue; nothing more exotic that 1965 valiant and several chevettes handed down from my parents.
    yellow is a wonderful color — the color of spring, sunshine and hope. Wishing you yellow days!


  2. I own a dirty white Beetle. It was a gift from my Dad just before he died 7 years ago. It’s the best car I’ve ever owned, including the Fiat spider convertible sports car I bought after my divorce.
    I keep the back seat down and everything fits, including Max!

    Yellow would be my second choice or Lime green. Actually I’d like a pink one but they don’t make pink.


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