International Travel versus Space Travel


Country To Country

I’d start my trip in Norway, then go to Greece and definitely spend a long time in Africa for a safari. I want to see and photograph animals up close and I would have a good camera instead of my old, rusty, point and shoot. In my dreams I would travel at least half of the year internationally and within the States for free.

I want my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds with happiness, money and freedom. I want to see the whole world but not leave Earth and go to outer space. Nothing about that appeals to me, I find it a terrifying idea and I have no interest. But, free international trips for life? I’m in.

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2 thoughts on “International Travel versus Space Travel

  1. I would love to be able to teleport – That way I could travel the world without leaving a carbon footprint! I’d love to time travel too – There are so many moments in history and periods of life that I would love to witness.

    Space travel is something I would really love to do, even if it was simply a suborbital flight. I wish I could see the curve of the globe – It is so strange to think of all the natural cycles of the universe, all taking place while we go about our daily man-made hamster wheel routines 🙂 I wonder what life was like before it become so structured. I suppose wouldn’t be able to travel to space had society not turned out the way it had.

    As soon as space tourism becomes affordable, I’m there! The only problem is that I am afraid of heights and also of water, so I suspect I may have some difficult travelling to space and seeing the ocean below!


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