Grumpy, Sleepy, Droopy, Cranky? Yes, That’s Me

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Image by Jenn and Tony Bot via Flickr

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for a long time and I want sleep NOW! I need a good night’s sleep because I have Fibromyalgia and an auto-immune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and a tendency towards anxiety when sleep deprived. Lately I feel I have jet lag every day even though I haven’t gone on an airplane or visited fascinating foreign cities. I feel bad: achy limbs, stiff muscles and joints that roar with pain. My eyeballs ache, the soles of my feet throb, even my finger nails, unpolished and raw, hurt.

We have been living in one hotel room, my husband, my daughter our dog and I for the past six weeks. We’re doing the best we can since our house has been destroyed by rotted wood, termites and carpenter ants. It’s a horrible situation not to mention the emotional and financial stress. We have stress layered on stress.

We get along fine and try to respect each other except for one annoying factor: cell phones. I don’t understand this generation of teenagers that get text messages all hours of the day and night. My daughter’s alarm, also from her phone, shrieks loudly, picture loud buzzing bees meeting chain saws every ten minutes. It’s hard to go back to sleep after that, my husband and I are old now. We can’t just fall back asleep like our children can.

We drink free coffee from the hotel stand in the morning and snack on food we have in the room and then we have one meal, dinner, out. We can’t afford to eat three meals out a day nor do we want to. I dream about being back in our old kitchen planning a simple meal. When you have to eat out all the time, it’s not that much fun.

We have a favorite diner and it has a dozen pages of every single meal you could want and we still go from page to page not wanting a darn thing. We eat out of boredom, planning where we want to go to dinner can take hours. It’s alright, we have nothing else to do. My husband is still on crutches so during the day I drive him places he needs to go. His ruptured Achilles tendon is healing but very slowly. It’s been five weeks for that too. Why do bad things happen around the same time? Or is it just us?

I cannot see my computer keyboard, my eyes are closing, eyelids thick, thoughts are mixed up and frazzled. Our dog who now rests on the bed is snoring softly; even she knows that 5am is way too early to get up and that we still should be sleeping. I try to nap later on, sometimes I dream that we are back in our home but when I wake up I am sad and upset. I have to remind myself, we’re nowhere close. My dog lies next to me, licking my elbow, laying her head on my hand.  Last night she started nibbling on my toes, tickling me enough to get me to laugh. Sometimes, you have to just be grateful for those special moments.

6 thoughts on “Grumpy, Sleepy, Droopy, Cranky? Yes, That’s Me

  1. What a traumatic experience! The last thing fibrofolk need is to have to deal with trauma….

    Me, though, I’d have that kid put her phone on silent after bedtime. She doesn’t need to be notified of text messages while SHE is sleeping, much less anyone else. Seems to me it’s time to put your foot down with her on that. Those messages will still be there in the morning!

    …a rule to follow even AFTER you are back home!


  2. I’m so sorry Laurie. I can’t imagine living in that tiny hotel room with 3 people and a dog. I understand the cell issue as well….but it must be magnified due to the close quarters…I’m sure everyones nerves are on edge. I sure hope the repairs to your home get done faster than they say and you can all get back to normal. I hope Dans injury heals must faster as well. It does seem like everything goes wrong at the same time for some of us, that’s for sure. Wish I could help you out….I will def pray for you though….and be here if you need to vent….


  3. It does get old very fast when you HAVE to eat out all the time.
    Do you at least have a suite where there’s a sitting room? I will increase my prayers for you.
    with love,
    P.S. Fibro is no longer considered to be autoimmune but rather central nervous system. Good news, bad news.


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