Oprah And Rosie: It’s Not Me, It’s You

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Dear Oprah and Rosie,

As tempting as it may seem, I am NOT going to turn on the television and watch you both again on OWN. I’m sorry but this was Oprah’s choice. I didn’t want her to leave and know many other people felt the same way. “You made your bed now……” You get the point…. All of a sudden Oprah is doing a “Life Class” I thought she was finished teaching on television? She did a Facebook chat, really? I hope this show isn’t going on the air because your OWN ratings are down, deep down in dog doo doo. It does seem like an amazing coincidence, no?

As you have taught us all it’s really alright to say you made a mistake. We understand. Hold your head high (not too high to appear infallible) and say  you tried but it didn’t work out as you had hoped. That’s what my son made me say to people after his first set of SAT scores came in. He made a great effort (well, he really didn’t study that much) and his scores were “less than he had hoped.” It’s okay.

As for Rosie, I really have mixed feelings, “cutie patootie.” I LOVED your show, watched it every single day it was on and supported you when you had a HAARURRMMGH  clash with someone. I stood behind you all the way kvelling in your sense of self and your values. Now? Not so much. I know you had emotional problems (really, who doesn’t?) and I’m glad that you feel comfortable  taking hormones (I didn’t want to chance that) but does that make me want to watch your show again? Sorry, no.  When you were with your first partner and all the kids were together and everything was, pardon the pun, rosie, I was there for you, wishing I could swim from your dock with and hoping you would help me with decoupage. I tried it on my own a few times and I did like it, but the thrill is gone. I admired your fire and your straight (no pun intended) shoot from the hip style. Nobody wants a dumb downed Rosie unless it’s the network executives. I liked the raw you but I am happy that you feel happier about yourself, bio-identicals and all. I was almost talked in to taking them but please be CAREFUL they do have risky side effects and a correlation for breast cancer in the future so please get checked often! I worry about you.

Ladies, it’s hard to go back, really it is. I don’t want to revisit an old wound. I really don’t watch much television at all anymore. I do have to say that Ellen Degeneres is consistent and kind and moved, no, slid into first place with sincerity and smiles and I’m sure a bit of strategy too. Four o’ clock is not the same as it used to be, it will never be the same. I’ve accepted that.

I wish you all the best of luck.  I think I will take my dog for a long walk on this beautiful autumn day. It’s too nice to stay indoors and watch television.


Your Old Fan

2 thoughts on “Oprah And Rosie: It’s Not Me, It’s You

  1. I agree. The bloom is off the Rose and the “OH!!” is “uh” for me.

    No matter how crazed I was during peri-menopause I always managed to keep it together in public. Rosie, is using that as an excuse for her own bad behavior.

    As for Miss Oprah: I saw Oprah interviewing Jay Leno and she was GRILLING him for coming back (to the Tonight SHow slot). He said something to her about them both being alike and always loving and wanting to do what they do on their shows. And she replied something along the lines of – No, I’m done. At that time she HAD to be in some type of planning and negotiations with OWN.

    For some reason that moment with Leno always stuck in my mind. Maybe at the time it felt she out and out lied when there was no need to?

    I’ve always like Oprah. But I don’t think she is immune to the power and hubris that comes from the kind of public adoration and monetary success she’s accomplished.

    Particularly coming from the kind of background she’s experienced it would be VERY difficult for anyone not to test to see if people would really love her and follow her. You have to stay in the public eye these days. Take Laura Schlesinger — off the radio, outa mind.

    Good post!


  2. Nice entry Laurie. I feel the same. Today while laying in bed, I flipped on the OWN channel, we only have it this weekend for like a free preview, so no danger of me getting hooked, but I did watch the oprah/rosie junk for a bit. They both seem like different people to me, for some reason…not like the real oprah and rosie somehow. Everything changes doesn’t it Big Sis? And not for the better alot of the time. But the changing of the leaves…thats a change I love! I’ve been soo enjoying the beautiful trees the past week! Just gorgeous! I love love love Fall. Hope you had a good walk with your beautiful dog! xoxo


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