The News That Interests Me Most

1, 2, 3.

The New York Times en español

First: The Book Review. Second: Arts and Leisure. Third: Metro Section.

Recycle Immediately: Sports, Automobiles and EVERYTHING THAT IS DEPRESSING.

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2 thoughts on “The News That Interests Me Most

  1. I don’t buy newspapers…long story. Well, not really. The newspaper was a source of terror in our house while growing up. Sounds dramatic, I know. Let me explain. My Father had an obsession with his newspapers. He bought two everyday, both of Chicago’s daily papers. He would read it front to back and no one…NO ONE…was allowed to touch it. Never any wrinkles, and he put it back together so it looked unread. On Sunday we were rewarded with the comic section. He piled his newspapers next to his chair perfectly and they stayed like that until he was ready to throw them out. Very weird, I don’t know any explanation for this odd behaviour. So, I never buy newspapers. I’m afraid I will get yelled at. Stupid I know.
    Your Twin


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