Travel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Airline Food

Wear clogs, not sneakers (in case you have to go through security) dress in layers (airplanes are usually too hot or cold) travel as lightly as you can (I have NOT learned this YET but I am working on it) and most importantly, ALWAYS BRING A LOT OF FOOD. We used to bring elaborate home-made sandwiches and snacks, beverages and dessert to keep us happy but that rule changed too. I usually am a snob about airline food especially after I got food poisoning after a meal in the sky. So, Adapt: Buy food after security, a lot of it and of course, buy chocolate. A lot of chocolate. Take Dramamine and keep it in a very handy location. Just sayin……..

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8 thoughts on “Travel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

  1. I recently asked at an airport if I could bring food through security. I was told that as long as it was in my carryon bag, wasn’t in a tube, or bottle, it was fine. I checked with domestic security first, and reassured, used the meal voucher I’d been given by the airline. The lovely clerk behind the counter kept trying to get my order up to the amount of the voucher. So, I boarded through international security with donuts, croissants, and muffins. (Of course, there is the customs issue about what can and can’t be transported.
    So, I don’t know if the rules have been loosened somewhat (I did hear that Heathrow was considering allowing passengers to have bottled water with them), if it was the country or airport that I was in, or what. Certainly, where I was, due to terrorism issues pre-911, tighter than the US pre-911 security measures were in place, and it’s where I got my only to date full body scan. Felt like saying “beam me up Scotty.” Anyway, before you bring that treat aboard, you might want to check to see what the official (versus the folks doing the screenings) rules are.
    @ Wendy: with your intolerance issues, would a note from the Dr. allow you to bring food aboard since everyone is allowed to bring their medications. Just a thought.


    • Phylor,
      That is a thought! Perhaps it would help.
      Not that I fly that much. : )
      Normally, when we do fly, it’s not that long of a trip, and I could always grab something during a layover, finding GF food is easier, but Fructose Friendly…not so much!
      I can’t get a salad, or a piece of fruit.
      That’s what I used to do…but I don’t want to risk having to run to the bathroom during the flight.

      happy flying,
      hope we get to soon.


  2. The food thing is very hard for me. I have gluten and fructose intolerance…they’ll give you a gluten free meal…but talk about fructose intolerance…and they are dumbfounded. (of course, once they gave me a meal marked Gluten Free, and it had crackers with it…plain crackers!….Never trust airline food!)

    Oh, but fish…unless fried of course…is Gluten and Fructose free….but then I also have Meniere’s (causes Vertigo) so fish, and flying…perhaps not a good idea.

    one fish, two fish…

    hey, how’s your word search list going? any hits on fish??



  3. When Flying:
    I always enjoy a meal of FISH tacos, salmon steaks, fried shrimp, and crab cakes as excellent accompaniments to a main course of shark soup and seared halibut. One time I forget lemon and it was a miserable flight.

    If your pet FISH is small enough to fit under the seat you do not have to buy a separate ticket.

    Lesson #1 on how to increase your blog searches no matter what the topic.


  4. I’ll add to that by saying; stay away from ‘Kosher meals’ (if they’re still available) – they’re horrible (and I’m Jewish so I can say so!).

    Another hint; I carry a couple of ‘inert’ plastic bags with me to use as slippers when asked to walk through the radar without shoes! (I don’t need ‘cooties’ from other peoples bare feet!).


    Mr. ‘L’


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