Living in Other Countries

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Invite Us, Please.

If the opportunity presented itself to my husband and I we would definitely go. Where? England, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands….etc. we are really open. I always thought it would be wonderful to live in another country for a year. Maybe two….

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7 thoughts on “Living in Other Countries

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Patagonia. I recently read about several resorts/spas now operating there; must see if my rich in-laws will take up a collection to pay for the moving costs and general upkeep — need at least one massage a day, lol.
    My father, in his usual wickedly warped sense of humour, would say he’d buy me a one way ticket anywhere I wanted to go. The key word being one-way, LOL


  2. Maybe forever!
    I have a friend who lives in Paris…I think their government would fit us better…then there is Australia…government has changed a lot..but I think I’d still like it. Oh Italy..I am an artist..but have no idea about the government and things there.

    There are some lovely cooler places…but that is not going to happen…I hate cold!! We had an exchange student from Norway and the government/medical stuff…it all sounds great…but it’s too dang cold. Not for me!

    I would like somewhere I didn’t have to learn another language, that is warm…

    I did a quiz that’s supposed to tell you where you should live, it came up with Hawaii. That sounds great, but still in the US. I want more of an adventure! (and better medical care for their citizens)

    dreams do come true sometimes…right?
    or do I sound too much like a Disney commercial. : )


  3. I would go to Switzerland or Denmark. The Joe-Man is half Swiss and we could drink a lot of hot chocolate. Denmark has a very low criime rate….that’s something I could learn to enjoy. I think the most foreign place I will ever live might be Colorado. All the guys want to move there. But, I don’t do well in high altitude. For now I am stuck in Chicago. But, I do love Chicago.


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