Mama Can’t Hide

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Even when I need a time out from my teenagers or husband or just some alone time, I take the car keys, hop into my car and go. However, there’s no real mystery involved. Everyone in my family knows that if I need to get away, I will end up at Target. I have no true hiding place, they assume that I will be there and they are absolutely right. What is it about Target that makes me feel so good?

I can disappear in many different aisles, I can look at every toothpaste and deodorant that one can buy and there are hundreds of choices. I can look for inexpensive clothing or books, art supplies or Halloween candy. I can pretend I have a five-year old and look at stuffed animals even though I am always tempted to buy one for myself. I can buy trash magazines or just read them while I am waiting on-line. I can even have a cup of Starbucks coffee. Who could ask for more than that? In our Target store there is a Starbucks mini-store; I’m not convinced that the coffee is just as strong as the original Starbucks but it is reassuring to me that it’s there and available. At Starbucks I can also get my latest passion which is the Pumpkin Spice (skim) Latte, limited edition of course.

When I walk through the aisles I see things that I can’t imagine I have lived without before. The new Swifter combo package? A must have. Shampoo and conditioner as a value pack? We all need to wash our hair and it MUST be less costly if they are packaged together!  I buy birthday cards in advance and usually misplace them right before a birthday card is needed so I go back and buy some more.

I disappear in the arts and craft section buying pens and sketch notepads.  I love pens and flashlights and Raisinettes. There are some things you need to keep with you in case of an emergency. Rasinettes are my safety item.

While I may not be able to hide from my family, it’s still fun to be away and close enough just in case they need me.

4 thoughts on “Mama Can’t Hide

  1. Go ahead, buy that stuffed animal. I have more stuffed “animules” as we call them now than I ever did as a kid.when I’m in stores, they look at me with those “take me home” eyes. Also, when I see a cute one on sale, I buy it for my grandneices and grandnephew as well as to give to charities at Christmas time. Good thing I never go to animal shelters (husband has bad allergies to cats and dogs)!
    We are in the process of downsizing our junk, and some of our newest animules are headed off to a women’s shelter, along with the arts and crafts supplies (from dollar stores and target) that I know I will never really get around to doing that project (no room, etc.). I had a nice conversation with the woman who is in charge of the shelter’s art therapy program. So, if you have arts and crafts supplies that you may not use, think about donating them to a woman’s shelter or some place that has kids who need those kinds of things.


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  3. You are so funny.
    How cute. Target …yep, I can get lost in there too. My friends actually pick on me though, one tells me I’m the only person she knows who can go shopping and buy nothing.
    Yep, nothing.

    Well, I must admit this year we’ve been trying not to buy new things. used is ok, and the essentials are ok, but just stuff, nope. It’s been interesting. I hate that I can often find a book I want, that’s not at the library, for less new than used. What the???

    So if I could drive again…please let it be soon!
    You could find me at the Thrift Store…We have a huge one close to us, and I can get lost in it. It’s crazy. And I’ll think, oh I like this top, but where will I wear it, it’s only a dollar…or less…and it’s for the homeless…so I buy it, and never wear it, or wear it once. So silly of me. The point is not to just buy used, but REDUCE what we buy. Really think about it…my husband’s doing much better than I.

    But, does Target sell fish? Live fish? No I don’t think they have things like that. You know you love fish.

    Oh that reminds me, I used to work at a job, and it was a couple of doors down from a fish store. When I’d get really stressed at work, I’d take my break, and go look at the fish. Talk about relaxing.
    That was nice. Perhaps I should find a fish store. : )


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